At First Media, I’ve brought a woman’s touch to the social video space. Many brands—social, corporate, entertainment—they don’t realize how much women around the world have to give of themselves just to make plans, solve problems and stay ahead. Whether we’re making time for fun at home, making deals at the office or making plans with friends, it’s hard to find time to get out of the day-to-day grind and learn new ways to make sure that every moment of every day stays fulfilling, inspiring, and fun.

Part of our vision for First Media and our social brands So Yummy, Blossom, and Blusher is to allow millions of women to connect with their families in new ways. If they want to get creative in the kitchen, we’ve got some quick recipe videos. If they want to simplify self-care and empower themselves to take on DIY projects without fear, we’ve got the content that can transform self-doubt into confidence. We’ve attracted such a widespread and enthusiastic community exactly because every one of our fans knows we will always bring them the kinds of clips that save time and money while boosting confidence. 

In the constant quest for domestic perfection, just staying above water can be a challenge and time can be a woman’s greatest enemy. But our life hacks always focus on making time matter, and we’ve provided so many ways for women to be more clever about how they live their lives.

Accepting that we’re not perfect is key. Sure, you can bake a cake from scratch, but why burn a full day in the kitchen when you can buy a $5 cake from Wal-Mart and then jazz it up with some cute decorations? That way, you’ve not only made a cake that looks like magic, but you’ve given yourself more time to spend with your family.

Our community shares a passion for the little details that bring smiles to faces while saving time. And we don’t just make the content up ourselves! Women around the world can also share their hacks and tricks with us online and sometimes, we publish them with a bit of a twist. In a partnership with Breyer’s, we took children’s drawings and transformed them into real-life cakes. The biggest compliment that we take pride in at First Media is that 56% of our comments are people tagging other people. They’re saying, “This looks fun and I thought of you,” and that’s exactly what we’re going for.

We offer easy solutions using tools that most people already have around the house. One of the most popular videos we have showcases phenomenal looking pies that are simply decorated using a fork. Content like that proves to our ladies that you don’t need to be an expert or buy all those expensive tools to make great food. All you need is the confidence and the inspiration!

These days, people spend so much time planning out every stage of life, and we get that. We also get that our audience has very little time left over to read or think through shopping lists. It’s exciting to know that our content only takes a few minutes to watch and can help someone make their daily tasks a little easier, or can even help them learn quick ways to transform their lives for the better. 

We don’t have to be perfect—it’s nearly impossible—but I’m so proud of our team as we continually find new ways to make women’s lives a little easier and get just a bit closer to perfection.