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Music is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing. There is hardly anybody who doesn’t like the music of one type or other. There are many who have music as an integral part of their lives. There are many forms of music, including classical, jazz, and hip-hop, to name a few. Considering that everything has gone digital, there are various websites, and applications like Youtube, Spotify, etc. see millions of users every day.

Often overlooked, but a crucial part of spinning tracks outside of YouTube playlists and internet social promotion, DJs are an essential part of today’s music industry. Kevin Benjamin, popularly known as DJ KB, is a 22-year-old DJ spinning out of Kearny, New Jersey. He began his career in 2014 and became one of the youngest DJs.

DJ KB moved from his mother’s house in his hometown to avoid narrow-minded and temperamental individuals. Starting from spinning at a club in Parsippany, NJ to opening for major acts, DJ KB has come a long way. Artists like Lil Durk, Cardi B, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Roddy Ricch, are few of the big names that DJ KB has worked with.

DJ KB spent his childhood in a small town of Keamy, NJ, but he didn’t find positive vibes around him. Instead, all he saw was pessimism and closed mindset. So, he decided to move out of his house at the age of 14. His poor relationship with his mother was also a major reason why he couldn’t continue living there

To complete his education, DJ KB moved to another town in New Jersey, Parsippany. Here, life turned pretty quickly for him when a company named AlistTeens gave him his first gig of spinning at a club. The energy and the vibe of the club and the audience made him realize that this is what he wants to do with his life. However, he did not have any support and continued chasing his dream on his own.

Even his high school did not have a supportive environment as he was young and was not living with his family. However, he did not let this affect him and continued on his journey. In 2017 things started changing for DJ KB when he decided to take his career to the next level. He understood that he would have to use the internet to make his name in the industry. So, he started working towards growing his social media presence and earning more followers. This helped him get many gigs which was just a beginning for him.

Around that time a company named Concert Cave recruited him to work for them. Concert Cave is a big name in the music industry and organizes several concerts and shows around the country. While working there, he got the opportunity to work with some of the biggest acts such as NBA, Lil Durk, and YoungBoy, to name a few.

DJ KB has now become one of the most famous artists in his age group and is very vocal with his peers. He follows the simple principle of mutual respect with his fellow artists and believes that people think about respect differently. But according to him no matter if it’s friends, family, or everyday life, respect to him ties in with loyalty. A loyal person is someone authentic and genuine with you every time, no matter what.

He is also very helpful for young enthusiasts and guides them to the right path. He listens to their track, gives them personal advice and tries to be as open and honest as possible. He always tries to motivate fellow artists and make them feel optimistic about their life choices and journey.

DJ KB is now ready to move on to the next step and has exciting things planned in the future. He recently released his first song which was immediately popular with over one million streams. He will release his second song soon with some concerts and events planned in the coming years.

If you are a music lover or enjoy DJs, you must listen to his new track. As he grows in his journey, he will soon find himself amongst the elite DJs sooner or later. He was not handed a silver spoon. The people around him haven’t been supportive, and he’s had a rough childhood. However, if overcame all those hurdles and is on the way to success. His story proves that there are no heights that you cannot achieve if you set your eyes on something.

To know more about him, you can follow him on Instagram to catch a glimpse of this young star’s life.

The article is published and submitted by The Entrepreneur Tab magazine.


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