Life is a gift that can end at any minute. One thing we all have in common is that we will die. Work to remember that!

I just watched the 10 minute movie titled 8 AM by Mark Harvey Levine, award winning playwright and screenwriter.  It is the story of a young husband and wife who start their day off with harsh words because of how the Fruit Loops box was left.  There is no yelling or screaming but there is no apparent love either. 

Alongside the couple are characters dressed in white who are used to illustrate the feelings and thoughts of both the husband and wife.  In other words, they tell the viewer what the husband or wife are thinking at all times.  They also can foreshadow.

The wife dies about ten minutes later in a car crash because of being distracted.  The husband never eats Fruit Loops again.  But the real story isn’t about cereal or being nicer to one another – it is about the fact that we have no idea when we will die.

Death changes everything and can happen in a flash and when you least expect it.  Everyone doesn’t get to see a “ripe old age”.  Everyone doesn’t get to plan for death.  The only certainty is that you will die.  All of us will die.
What should you be doing differently?  What can you start right now?  There are hundreds of free resources.  Why not start by looking at this from Stanford University?

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