You’ve got questions, but don’t worry, we’ve got answers! We know how impossible it sounds – a thin piece of plastic protecting your tired eyes from damaging blue light, emitted from your phone, laptop and other devices. But, believe it or not, blue light screen protectors from EyeJust really do keep you safe! 

First, let’s clarify a few things, it’s not just a thin piece of plastic. EyeJust phone protectors are made with strengthened tempered glass, while our iPad and MacBook screen protectors are made from impact-resistant film. Both embed blue light blocking technology directly into the screen to filter out high-frequency blue light from reaching you. During independent testing at UC Irvine, our screen protectors were proven to block 50% of the damaging blue light emitted by your devices. This study was presented at ARVO (The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology).

Additionally, recent analysis by SleepScore Labs, published in Oxford Academic Journal of Sleep, validates the positive impact that EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors deliver for getting a good night’s sleep when used after sunset. During the study, our screen protectors were evaluated over 850 nights. When comparing three weeks using EyeJust and three weeks without it, 71% reported EyeJust helped them sleep better and 92% reported less eye strain and tired eyes. Users also reported feeling sleepier at bedtime (4% increase), waking less often (13% decrease), and feeling more rested (10% increase).  

In addition to participant reported feedback, SleepScore Labs used non-contact sleep tracking technology to provide objective measurements. These results found that younger participants (ages 21-35) got a healthier amount of sleep, spending on average 10 minutes more sleeping each night. More importantly, they found that the younger participants also got more REM sleep, a critical part of the sleep cycle that allows us to dream. 
While we all know the best thing to do is put down the devices a few hours before bedtime, we also know that it isn’t always easy or possible. In order to allow you to remain protected while connected, your best option is to apply EyeJust –  a simple solution to block blue light for a better night’s sleep.