Shackled in the humdrum of the beaten path
Stuck in gridlock, crawling in bottleneck highways, labyrinths leading to nowhere
We spin round and around.
Train zipping, horns blowing, sirens screaming, dogs barking
Trapped in the fish bowl
Laser fast computers, hi IQ cell phones, all knowing Alexa
Yet we are still chasing time.
Never enough
Nothing will be ever enough.
Compete, conquer, results-driven
Logic worshippers, non-stop analyzing
We’ve glorified the mind that was to serve us.

Will we ever rest, do nothing
Commit to less, say NO
Consume less stuff, spend more time in nature
Stay present, worry less about the morrow.
If we only stop, breathe
If we only pause, rest
If we only meditate, go within
We will zip further.
Creative ideas sprouting from nothingness
If only we travel back to zero point
No chasing needed, everything is already here
If only we create space to tap into it.
Doing less, achieving more
Being still, just receptive, highly efficient
The biggest irony of it all.