Law of attraction, time and positive energy

Too many things to do today and every day?

In Vietnamese we have a proverb, saying that “Never leave until tomorrow what you are to do today”. Well… I must say, what works best for me would be “Never do today what you can leave until tomorrow”!

But hang on, I have another tip which can work better! But…I’d say that in advance: you need to be a bit more open-minded than usually.

Like many of you, I have a big list of what I have to do. Are you a typical good-willing person? Do you have an immense sense of responsibility? Yes, and me too. I always would like to be of the best service to others. As a result? Things add up on the list.

And each time, when a new thing is added, I feel more stressful and less free. When I sit down to review my list, I can cross one or two things out that have been done. But I will see typically 3 more things appearing that come to my mind!

Feel desperate? “How can I then find time to relax, meditate, read a book, take care of myself?” Here is a tip you can apply. Attention, you need to really believe in it!

Let the universe do the rest

This is a strategy I learned from Abraham Hicks in the book “Ask and it is given”. I never recommend it enough. Here is how.

Take a piece of paper. Cross a line in the middle of the sheet. On the left side, you write: “Things I will do today”. On the right side, you write “Things I want the universe to do”.

Write a few things that you need absolutely by all cost accomplish today. But there are also other important things, you can’t do all. Put them on the right side of the sheet.

Why do you entrust the universe to do the rest?

Two important shifts in your mentality

There are two reasons why you should entrust the universe to do your list.

First, there is a shift in your mentality. From the belief that “you” will do them all, to “the universe will do”. You got it, things will be done, but not necessarily by ‘you’. Who is this mysterious “universe” that helps you? Learn that a bit further down.

Now, learn the second reason. There is another shift in your thinking. And this is the most important of it.

When you have a big list to do, unconsciously, you feel desperate because you believe that you are not capable of finishing them all. It creates immense stress. If you “know” that the “universe” will do, you shift your belief to “they can be done”.

Believe me, the space between “it cannot be” and “it can be” is big!

Keep only two things to do in your list

Abraham Hicks has one of the most important teachings. In order to realize any desire or thing, there are only two things to do. First, identify that desire. Second, allow it to come.

The “allow it to come”, is the most difficult part that any one of us will struggle with.

If I want something, in our case here, “a list of things to be done”, I might emotionally feel desperate because there are so many in the list, that they will never be done. And this emotion creates a state of vibration that does not allow “this” to come.

On the contrary, putting your “to-do list” on the shoulders of the universe (sounds good!), helps you improve your emotion and vibration. With this, you focus on your “desire”, which is the list to be done, and not on the resistance of it, “I have too much to do”.

Who is the “mysterious universe”?

Well, you will ask, who is this “mystery universe” that will help you out?

On a Friday, I was wondering how I could finish all my to-do list at work. I had a late meeting that I could not cancel. And there were kids to pick up from school at the same time.

Just 2 hours before school closure, I received a call from my parents-in-law. Indeed, they needed to pass by my sister-in-law’s in a nearby village. And since she would not be there before 6 pm, they thought it would be great to pick up my kids from school and spend some time with them while waiting!

You now see who is my universe director?

A few years ago, we moved from Soignies to Louvain-La-Neuve. Our favorite school was full. I decided to trust “the universe” to deliver this difficult task, to ensure a place. On the 30th of August, a place was free because a child moved his house to another city.

You will be skeptical! All these things are pure coincidence!

Nothing is coincidence

Yes, believe me, we believe things are coincidence because we do not know how it works behind the scene!

For several years now, I have never had a small car accident. These things happen, when you are in a hurry and just jump in a column when getting out of the garage. Or get a small fine for parking in the city center… I never have these types of things again.

In reality, my state of mind these days never lets these things happen. I am so “cool” when I think about all the things. That bad things just can’t arrive.

When you succeed in maintaining a good state of mind and vibration, many things will realize by themselves. People will look at you jealously and say: “I don’t understand why she is so lucky! Her life is so easy!”

Each time a good thing is realized, I go to my window, look outside and say “Thank you, my personal director, the universe”.

Is it not so cool to know that you have a private director to whom you can delegate some tasks when you are busy? Try it out today and gain more time and positive energy.

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