Have you ever experienced a hurtful moment in your life?

Back in 2005 as a little boy of 13, it was my first time to see my father crying. He was crying so badly, I have never seen him like that before. He told me your grandfather has passed away. I was literally shivering that time. My grandfather was so close to me and I used to visit him nearly every day for the whole period he was hospitalized. Almost 3 months! Seeing him dead was the most painful moment in my life.

I am pretty sure everyone has his/her worst life experience and once these emotions cloud in our heads, one’s mood may begin to swing between sadness, anger and happiness. With continuous exposure to stress in day-to-day life, the changes in your emotional state of mind may vary from minor to significant. When this happens, know that you have crossed the mark and chances are you might end up hurting yourself unintentionally.

But do men have mood swings?

Now, let’s get into myths and reality.

Myth 01:

As social beings, we cannot deny the fact that mood swings have lived in us for years now. However, it is mythically believed that mood swings only occur in females. If you think the same, then get prepared for a huge shock! The fact that men are also human beings, qualifies them as emotional beings. When subjected to emotional triggers, men could as well experience mood changes. Even psychologists, doctors, sociologists, and scientists will second this cold truth that most men cannot swallow.

Myth 02:

I agree that in most situations women seem to be more emotional as compared to men. But does this mean men are emotionless beings? This is another perplexing myth. As a matter of fact, the concept that men are emotionless is boyish and men from childhood to adulthood have been unreasonably taught to bury their emotions lest they expose their weakness. The result of which, more men silently die on the inside. In many instances, men will only unload their emotional cargo when deeply pained. Hence, men experience a rougher side of mood changes. This myth leaves men hurt and still, mood swings in men remain under-discussed despite its occurrence.

The reality of mood swings in men

Every man at some point has been in that unsympathetic moment in life, but because of men’s self-pride; you probably never noticed when it was staggering. So, the question is, what triggers mood swings in men?

I’ll answer!

1) Drug and alcohol abuse; alcohol and drugs such as cocaine are notorious for causing mood changes in men. After all, men are more indulged in the irresponsible use of alcohol and drugs as compared to women. This makes men vulnerable to mood disorders due to effects that drugs have on brain chemistry, a thing which manifests as rigorous reactions to the external environment.

2) Bipolar Disorder; people with bipolar disorder are also at a risk of suffering from mood swings. These are people who will exhibit vigorous mood to any event and find it difficult to cope with the situation rightly.

3) Unhealthy diet; it’s said; “you are what you eat”. Fluctuation in blood sugar levels is also one of the causes of mood changes. Therefore, those taking sugary feeds increase their predisposition to mood swings.

4) Stress; a prolonged exposure to emotional strain can render one into mood swings. It’s clear that our daily lives expose us to constant stress. When this is chronic, the result is the intense mood we feel when responding to the external environment.

How can Men get helped?

It’s so fortunate that men are able to master nearly everything, be it a physical thing or a feeling. Although there is no exact treatment for mood swings, men can get helped through the following options that are proved to lessen this emotional state of mind.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown a success. This involves techniques that stabilize mood, exercising and counseling. Taking a healthy meal also helps. You’re advised to limit or reduce the amount of alcohol you take and stop drug abuse. You should also know the things that induce stress to you and strive to avoid them.