Just recently I was looking for some information on the Internet when I came across an article about the morning rituals of successful people. That got me thinking about my own morning ritual.

From my 20s to my mid 40s (so not that long ago) I’d jump out of bed and dive head first into work. Email was downloading and the calendar was being reviewed before my eyes were even fully open and focused. Coffee was set on a timer the night before so by the time the first email was responded to, I had already downed a cup.

I never gave much thought to how I started my day. Nor did I think about the impact that it was having on me, my brain, my business, my relationships, and the rest of the day. That was my ritual and I was sticking to it.

And Now…

I don’t know if it’s because I’m mellowing as I get nearer to 50, but I do know that I can’t start my day like that anymore. A frenetic start leads to frenetic energy throughout the day. Which is not cool for me. In order to be a good listener, supporter, observer, and intuitive it has become imperative that I start my day in a much gentler way.

Now when the alarm goes off rather than jump out of bed with my hair on fire I linger for a few minutes. That is when I say a little grounding and protection prayer. I then go straight to my meditation area with my journal in hand. I ask my spiritual team for guidance for the day by doing an intuitive reading & guided writing. Next I journal all the things I am grateful for in that moment. At the end of my journaling I always say or write, “Something incredible is going to happen to me today and I’m open and ready to receive it! And so it is!” (Thank you, Pam Grout for the idea.)

This is a much better way for me to start my day and I’ve noticed the difference. I’m more present and grounded than I was during my frenetic start days. My attitude is much more upbeat and positive. I am more creative, not to mention productive. What’s even better, I’m more connected to my intuitive side, which helps me to be a better coach and intuitive. But don’t just take it from me. Here are some additional articles for your reading pleasure:

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So my question to you is…How do you start your day? Because how you start your day can definitely set the tone.

Until next time, I’m sending you much love, light, and an awesome morning ritual.

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