success suck your worth at work

Due to countless reasons of personal and professional life, we try and keep trying to achieve the standards of success. We are always taught what is success and even how to achieve it while in job that earns us our bread and butter. We pick the dominating factors and start following them. The companies set their own do’s and don’ts on success and expect the employees to follow them. No matter what actual talent a person has or how great knowledge he/she has, if he/she is not working according to the set rules, it is worthless. This happens with all of us. Me, you, we.

You may have good sales skills but your senior or company wants you to practice the procedure that does not match your expertise. The result is, poor performance and the blame comes to you. The worst thing is when you accept failure with a realisation that you didn’t qualify on the decided parameters. Don’t do this otherwise you are sure to lose your real worth. Stay natural as it makes the tasks at workplace effortless and that brings landmarks that replicate success.

Stop acting like a puppet

Dancing on the music picked by others can never make you a good dancer. Create your own music and then every step in dance will be special and innovative. Same at the workplace, make your own strategy, work on your own plans, take initiatives and deny acting as the stereotypes. Saying ‘NO’ does not always mean disobeying the orders, especially if you are doing it to bring some profit to your company. However, for this it is first necessary to put your point in front of the decision makers. When this happens, only then you and people realise your actual worth.

Failure is not the end of success

The stress of winning over competitors is always intense. Not only you but many think so. In fact, the materialistic world out there feed this feel. But, it is better if you make an escape from this thinking as soon as possible. The reality is, the failure is the actual stimulator of success. You should not stop or surrender if something does not work as you expected. Perhaps this is the time to learn from the mistakes and carry on with the new zeal.

Money can NEVER define your actual efficiency

Those who earn are more successful, those who get paid less are less in importance. This myth should never dominate your efforts because it is a fake thing. Yes, it is important and exciting to earn big figures but that should not let the world misinterpret growth. You know what, money is good to pay obligations and for buying materialistic convenience only. It can never define how big is your victory. Pay the loans, expenses, bills etc. For instance – a poor credit scorer who availed bad credit loans online through lenders that provide instant decision needs money desperately. He wants to pay the instalments on time to get back the good credit score.

Being different is not a sin

Never think that if you are doing different from others it is odd or a taboo. NO, those who recognise their own actual talent never hesitate to act different. Apply it in your case too. If you keep following the common phenomenon, success can never come. Change is the vital condition for success. Do not feel afraid of whatever you do. If it is in the right direction, let it go. Doing similar things is outdated now, why not try something new.  

Success should not be the motivator

If ‘success’ is the only motivator then be cautious you may get demotivated easily. Never keep success as your target, first of all, keep achievements and best efforts in your focus. Normally, people fail to achieve the heights of growth at the workplace because they always think about the last station and lose focus on the journey.  This is where most of the accidents happen and makes attainment of destination impossible. Is that what you also want to happen with you? If not, then never let the addiction of success become your guide.

Never seek for acceptance!! Only you can describe yourself adequately. Do not wait for others to accept your ideas. Novelty and individually are the only two parameters of success and they both do not need permission for their occurrence.