Are you fed up with the routine of your life? Do you wish that your ordinary life could somehow become extraordinary? That it could become remarkable, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, astounding, marvellous! Living an extraordinary could be a lot easier than you imagine!

It may seem to you that your life is under the influence or control of your employer, the government, the bankers, and a whole range of “others” who appear to make all the rules. However the fundamental truth is that, in most circumstances, you actually make all the choices as to how you live your life. You could choose to not follow your employer’s instructions, or not pay taxes. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s really important for you to appreciate that you make the choices.

You also choose how you respond to circumstances outside your direct control. You can accept your tax demand or your employer wanting you to work extra hours with good grace, or you can complain and resent the fact. Your choice!

Your life is a continuous series of thoughts followed by choices and actions,

(which could be a choice to take no action.) Given that you make all the choices in your life, then you can choose to live an extraordinary life!

How do you do this? Well, as Anthony Robbins says, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little bit of “extra”.

Every day, in fact every minute of every day, you can make a choice to do ordinary things. Do enough of these ordinary things and you will live an extraordinary life. Seems too easy? The truth is that life does not have to be complicated!

Why not incorporate more of these ordinary things into your life and see how it makes you feel?

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

When you are hit with unexpected events, or when things don’t go according to plan ask yourself the following questions:

“How important will this issue be to me in a week / a month/ six months?”

“On a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the worst, how does this compare to other events in my life that I have successfully survived or dealt with?”

“Does my worrying about it alter the issue positively in any way?”

“What small step can I take right now to make this situation a little more positive?”

The answers will help you to reframe the issue in a more positive way, and help you to identify what you can do about it. If you can’t do anything just now the most positive thing to do is to accept it until you can take positive action.

2. Appreciate the small stuff.

There are hundreds of things in your life which you take for granted! Sometimes because we accept them as “ordinary” we fail to appreciate how fortunate we are to have them.

Start a Gratitude Journal and at the end of each day write in it three things which you are grateful for. It may be something basic like having a bed to sleep in or something specific that happened that day. Developing a sense of gratitude not only helps you realise how much you already have, it also helps you to keep everything in perspective so that you’re better equipped to cope with life’s knockbacks.

3. Do something different.

Challenge, change and novelty are key elements of living an extraordinary life. The changes don’t need to be spectacular or difficult.

Learn a new skill, try a new exercise regime, do some studying or travel to unfamiliar places. The range of possibilities is immense. There are no age limits and most of them don’t cost anything other than your time! Take a look at Facebook to find free courses and Ebooks. Exercise at home or walk around your neighbourhood. Take every opportunity to do a new or different ordinary thing. And if you aren’t very good at it or don’t enjoy it, then you’ve learnt something about yourself, and there are countless other things you can have a go at.

4. Get a good night’s sleep

With so many of us juggling a wide range of responsibilities it can be easy to sacrifice our sleep in order to do ‘one last thing’. Switch off your phone and computer an hour before bed and get a good night’s rest

5. Fuel your body

You know what to do here! Drink water intermittently throughout the day. Eat little and often, with a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

6. Do things you enjoy.

Every week schedule some “me time” into your diary. Meet up with a friend, take a class or just make time to relax. Regularly do the ordinary things that you enjoy.

7. Redefine problems

A simple ordinary step is to redefine “problems” as “situations.” It will change your approach to the issues!

8. Take action

If there’s something you can do to change a situation, do it. If not, realise that the right moment will come and make a declaration to yourself that you will take the right action at exactly the right time.

Do these ordinary things on a regular basis. Doing extra ordinary things can lead you to an extraordinary life!