Business seems full of contradictions: Stay in the moment, focus on results. Commit to a higher purpose, maximize profits now. Put customers first, shareholders matter most. 

Amare leaders are great dancers, improvising as needed and communicating well, as they move between “opposites” as situations require. What grounds and guides these heart-centered leaders is alignment with Amare (latin for Love), which I define as the energy that uplifts and connects. Amare guides all of their decisions and actions, no matter how complicated the dance steps. 

Think about your own role as a leader:

  • How do you handle seemingly opposing priorities?
  • What is the constant that guides your decisions?
  • Are you willing to let Amare be your dance partner?

If you would like a framework to be able to navigate decisions with relative ease while still acting in alignment with your core values, read on.

Four Amare Ways Leaders Dance 

1. List your opposing aims. Just getting them down in writing will help you recognize the conditions under which one comes out on top. Make sure to include money, too.

2. Get grounded. Be clear and conscious of what you come back to again and again to guide your decisions. Assess if that touchstone is really aligned with your values, or if it’s a default you just use. 

3. No excuses. Committing to a “way” – like the 7 Amare Way Principles (free e-book here) – tells you and others how you lead and why. No  surprises. You stay consistent and aligned, so there are no outlying behaviors to excuse.

4. Dance Amare!  Leading in business always requires dancing with your many stakeholders, often with competing agendas. Like any skill, this dance can take many forms and improves with practice. And stepping on toes is part of the learning! Just own it as you determine which steps to keep. 

Whether you are new to your leadership role or you’ve been a leader for years, dancing the Amare Way is something that takes repetition and reinforcement. Use the framework above to guide you as you take your first steps as an Amare leader. 

If you need support becoming a leader who chooses love over fear, who rejects the warlike ways of doing business, and who always acts with integrity, reach out to me. I’ve partnered with many Amare leaders and helped them learn the steps that lead to consistent, aligned action.  

Today’s Amare Wave Wednesday Quote

“The problem is not making up the steps, but deciding which ones to keep.”

Mikhail Baryshnikov


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