I’m convinced that if everyone were to spend 30 minutes per week staring at the night sky it would make the entire world a better place.

Am I wistful? Well ya, a little. I’ve been known to live in a bit of a fairyland. But Earth isn’t as serious a place as we make it out to be. That’s the point. We need to remember how small we are sometimes. For three key reasons:

  1. So we remember how small our problems are.
  2. To remember how much is out there to discover when your day-to-day feels boring, suffocating, or less than you desire.
  3. Because every so often you’ll see a shooting star. And a shooting star is a meteoroid that has been tumbling through space for potentially billions of years. And you just witnessed it slashing a line of light into the dark fabric of the night sky for the one and only time, in a silent bond with an unknown number of strangers who happened to be looking up at the exact same time.

…That’s pretty freaking incredible.

And if that doesn’t inspire you to focus a little less on Earthly problems and a little more on the Universe that exists, both beyond the night sky and within you, then I don’t know what will.