The magic starts in the mornings, when you take that prime time to connect with yourself you are setting the rest the day up for success.

Today more than ever we are all working from home, with distractions surrounding us left and right, and some days we may feel like we can’t get anything done. We all been there at some point, you’re not alone, haha!

Now let’s talk productivity.

There is no magic cure to automatically be more productive and get everything done in 5 minutes, it takes effort. To begin it all starts off with one simple thing, our mindset.

Taking the time in the morning to prime your mind and essentially “warm up” for the day is so important and impacts the rest of the day dramatically. The most simplest way to do this is by asking yourself and understanding this one question “What do I really need to do?”

What do I really need to do?”

This simple yet powerful question, is what will propel you to productivity and get you ready for the rest of the day.

To do this, find a quiet space and grab a pen and paper or journal…

Then you will simply write the question on the top of the page and write a simple bulleted list of your intentions for the day both professionally and personally. Write 3-4 bulleted items that you feel are the most important to get done, and are of higher priority. There is nothing better than reflecting on what you have done in the day and getting done what actually needed to be done.

Just by simply doing this in the morning before you go on your phone or check your emails, you are priming your mind and laying down the foundation of how the rest of the day will lay out by setting your intentions/priorities.

Taking the quiet moments in the morning to prepare and ‘warm up’ your mind before the full on rush of the day, is essential for your mental wellbeing.

By taking care of yourself and your mind first you will be ready to go full speed ahead and increase your productivity easier than you thought.

Now lets go ask ourselves this question, dive deep, set our intentions and be the most productive we’ve been in a long time!