A few days ago I asked my Instagram followers:

Do you feel we need more women in the public space?

The reason I asked this question, is because I have long observed that the masculine way of doing things in a male dominated public space, is drawing to its end. We are still transitioning, but we shall get there. The masculine way of doing things, with hard talk, fear, intimidation and war, is shedding its last skin with huge roar and violence. But the reflection that Covid-19, BLM -and possibly other developments- provoke, make imminent a new way of looking at things and solving problems: with compassion, practicallity, hope, all three mainly female attributes. On my Instagram post I wrote:

“These are all Women candidates, suggested by the NY Times. One of them could be the Vice-President to Joe Biden who says he may announce his vice-presidential nominee this week, ahead of the Democratic National Convention that begins the week after. I believe we do. However, we do not need women who think and act like men or wish they were men. We need women leaders who care for humanity and think and act from a feminine place, in order to bring balance to an increasingly ugly and hateful world”.

Just today Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden Jr., named California Senator Ms. Kamala Harris as his running mate.

What do we make of this? Is there any hope attached?

One of my readers wrote:

“Yep, most certainly, but they need to be more artistic, imaginative and interesting. More free in their spirit. Less suits and more unusual hair style”

It’s not just a way of styling, of course, although this is important, too. See for example Michelle Obama and the way her sleevless shifts showing off her toned upper arms, defined the profile of a professional, working wife and mother, a healthy and active First Lady.

It is, I believe, a matter of conception of one’s Female self. It is also the way of behaving, and the way of doing business.

We need a Feminine leadership to balance the time of strife and take us through to the next chapter of humanity’s history.

Can we do it? Yes, we can!