If you’ve spent 10 minutes online and come across anything motivational you’ll have come across the “we get what we expect” saying and if you’re someone who might not have what they want right now it can seem really frustrating, in fact it can be one of those eye roll moments where you think “oh don’t be so ridiculous” and I get it, I’ll admit I used to be one!

But what if it isn’t rubbish?

What if we really do get what expect?

I know what you’re thinking, if that was true everyone would have won the lottery by now right?

I hear you, but I like to think of the “we get what we expect” in a slightly different way!

When we look at the saying from a more practical point of view we can actually start to see how we get what we expect is 100% accurate, I’ll give you an example.

A new client came to work with me and at the time they weren’t making any sales but they were doing a lot of sales calls, naturally they thought their problem was getting the wrong people on calls and from first glance it’s obvious to see why, but when we delved a little deeper it was actually apparent that a whole different thing was happening….she wasn’t expecting to make sales!

Why does that even matter?

Because she went into the calls not expecting to make a sale, before she even opened her mouth or dialled the number she’d decided she wasn’t going to make a sale, she was expecting not to make one and as a result a few things happened. 

She either didn’t ask for the sale…what’s the point she knew it would be a no right? or she had it playing in her head throughout the whole call that she wouldn’t make a sale and so when she finally did ask for the sale it was half hearted, with no enthusiasm and not delivered in a way that would ever have got that YES!

Was it that she had the wrong people on calls? No

She was expecting them not to buy and so she then acted from the environment where that belief was coming from, which ultimately resulted in no sales!

3 weeks later after changing what she was expecting she’d fully sold out every single space that she had available on a new package and the only thing she changed was her belief in what she was expecting to happen.

See I don’t think if you sit there and expect to win the lottery you will after all that’s something not really in your control and it’s a game of luck (it’s gambling right) but when we look at things like expecting not to make a sale on a call so you don’t ask or maybe expecting someone to say no so you don’t message or you don’t send the email then the saying of “we get what we expect” is absolutely true. When we expect not to get the yes or the sale or the answer we want then we don’t do and when we don’t do we then get exactly what we were expecting in that moment!

So what are you expecting to happen? 

Are you expecting to hear no? To not get a reply? To be ignored?

Think about what you’re expecting and the action you’re taking as a result of that expectation!

Your success is always in your hands, start expecting it to happen and your actions will change as a result.