Day after day, year after year, moment after moment, and many people wait. I implore of you to ask yourself this question, “Do I really I have time?” Often we waste precious moments because we feel that we have so much time to do everything. I encourage you to start looking at time a little bit differently. Maximize every moment you get because it could be your very last moment. No one wants to think about death, but it is inevitable. We all have to face it. This is operation urgent season. Time is of the essence. Don’t waste another moment pondering and twiddling your mind in space with ideas. It is time to manifest and to DO!

You surely can do

But it is totally up to you

Stop waiting

Let go of the debating

Stop thinking you have so much time

No moment is promised

Don’t let waiting on time

Have your life end up in a bind

Then you close your eyes

And now you have left your destiny behind

Because you no longer had time.

Sometimes we are our worst enemy. We take the time to put energy into things that don’t add value to our lives. This is an urgent season! Just look around. The political climate has been filled with so much darkness. Countries and people are at obvious odds. Genocide is still so very prevalent. Natives are being run away from their place of origin and then not welcomed in other places and labeled as refugees. So do we really know what is next? Could we be pending WWIII? No one really knows so that is why we must move. Get into the flow of your existence. The time is now!

Let’s start meeting your goals and let’s see the visions manifested. I wouldn’t wait if I were you. Let your soul run empty because you have poured it out into the world. It would be such a travesty if you took your last breath and your basket of life was full of ideas, inventions, and programs, but now they are dangling in the abyss because you did nothing with them. Places of immortal rest should be just that. Cemeteries or mausoleums should not house “I wish I would have done this” but unfortunately they do.

Have you ever thought why an idea came to your mind or spirit? That is not an accident. It is quite divine if I may add. But the power lies in you to bring it to life. But the life of ideas begin to diminish and fade into oceans of nothingness because time is slipping away.

Don’t become an enemy to time! Do It Today?

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