…because what is right is no one’s truth but your own

It can get very confusing in this clouded world of information, opinion, and paradigm shifts.

Who are you to believe? What is considered fact? How do you know you are taking the right direction in life?

Your friends tell you to go this way

Your family tells you to go that way

Your partner tells you to go another way

This book tells you to believe in this

That video tells you to believe in that

The societal trend is telling you it’s all whack

It seems as though you are being pulled in a million different directions with the advice of a million different perceptions. How oh how do we overcome this madness?

Put On A Filter

It is not possible to remove the swirling tornado of information, opinion, and advice. That will be spinning around your life until the end of your time here.

The key is to not get picked up by the winds expelled by this metaphorical tornado I speak of. In other words, hear the madness thrown at you by others but only listen to what aligns with your truth.

Many times you may find yourself at the receiving end of unwarranted advice. What those people think you should do often holds very little grounds on what is actually best for you to do.

When this occurs the unwarranted advice givers are usually speaking of how they see the world and from a standpoint that reflects their unique capabilities. Your view of the world and capabilities may be quite different from those you receive advice from.

That is why it is necessary to treat the majority of information, opinions, and advisement as irrelevant to you unless it correlates with your unique perception and skillset.

Do Not Follow Success, Define Your Own

Success is relative. Making $1,000,000 a year may be the definition of success for many people. However, that same million dollar income may not even remotely matter to another group of people.

Your objective is to define what success means for you and start moving in that direction. Pay no attention to what others are saying about you, how they look at you, or how society views what you are up to. They don’t see what you see.

As long as you are moving toward your own definition of success you are a successful person. This is because:

“success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal”

– Earl Nightingale

No one can enjoy your success like it is their own just like you can’t feel victorious when you accomplish a goal that wasn’t designed for you. The universe seems to have a funny little way of helping those who go after their dreams. With that said, go after your definition of success and success will begin to chase you.

Live Your Truth Like Your Life Depends On It

Well…because it does.

There will be dark days where you question yourself continually, feel misunderstood, or want to get on a plane and fly far far away. Trust me, I have been there many times.

When this occurs, don’t get yourself down about it because it is all a part of the process. In fact, the more you begin to love the process involved in your journey the more resilience you will have to bounce back from the low points.

Your truth is who you are, it should mean everything to you. If you are unwilling to say what you want to say, do what you want to do, and be who you want to be…then your soul is as good as dead!

I strongly urge you to let that fire you have inside catch oxygen. Yes, it will feel strange at first and may be a bit startling for others, but once you get in this rhythm of self-alignment there is nothing that can stop you from being the person you set out to be.

Let’s Build A School Together

I was lucky. I was hand-gifted an amazing childhood stock-full of opportunities and access to renowned educational endeavors. Unfortunately, millions upon millions of adolescents did not and still do not, share with me the abundant childhood I was able to have.

I firmly believe every child on the face of this earth should be granted access to educational institutions. It is my great hope that we can make that happen within the life-span of my millennial generation.

With the privilege I was given as a child it is necessary for me to give back to those less fortunate than I. That is why I have launched a campaign through Mindset Mojo and Booster.com to raise $35,000 for the Pencils of Promise Non-Profit Organization to build a school in a developing nation.

You can contribute by purchasing a T-Shirt Here. My goal is to sell 2,850 of the below T-Shirts by the first day of summer (June 21st, 2017). I know this is a big goal, but with your help we can actually build a school together and empower impoverished youths to become the CEO’s of their own life! Thank so much in advance, your supports means the world to me!

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Why I Write

I truly believe we are all here for a reason, we all have a purpose. Mine is to inspire one billion people across the globe to take a chance on their dreams.

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