In this Internet age, we all are overloaded with information; we get so many messages, there are a plethora of YouTube videos, plenty of quotes, and so on. But have you ever paused a button and asked yourself, despite having so much content on the Internet, why most people of our generation suffering from anxiety and fear? 

Well, the simple answer is, people, do things under so much pressure. 

I always say to people, do what you love, listen to your heart and invest your time into things that give you happiness. 

I know it sounds fairytale, but it is not. 

Even if I talk about myself, I always do things that bring joy and satisfaction to my soul. I never push myself to do something I am not comfortable with it. Belong from a technology background, I still choose to make my career in writing, and I never work for money too. Because by doing so, you will slowly feel empowered, and you don’t think you are working. Instead of getting bored and pressured, you will slowly start enjoying it. 

Remember, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs? Being a junior engineer at Atari Games, his desire to do what he loved led him to establish the world’s iconic brand. I agree we all can not be Steve Jobs, but we can take small steps to make our lives better and peaceful. Loving what you do makes you feel contented and add additional value to your life. 

By Doing What You Love, Leads to Live Care-free Life 

Source: Unsplash

As I said earlier, we all are living pressurized life somehow. Whether it’s about career, personal lives, friends, family, and so on. We often think “ what people will say.” 

Instead of thinking about people, focus on yourself and do things that make you happy. Now you must be thinking about why it is important. Well, there are certain reasons such as

  • Brings happiness
  • You will give your 100% to a job you love
  • It breeds greatness
  • It makes your soul happy
  • It makes your life exciting

I know it sounds quite dramatic in this digital world, but this is probably the most important thing you can do yourself. Since you follow your intuitions, you will have a fulfilling life. All I want to tell is having a happy, fulfilling life is more important than just being wealthy. 

If you don’t entertain anything, don’t push yourself. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy. That’s how life works. Cut-down all the negativity, depression, anxiety, and start taking small steps towards a happy and prosperous life. 

It is okay to perform things that seem abnormal. 

Don’t always try to impress others. Start living the life you deserve. 

Start the voyage of happy land, live the life you imagined and love limitless.