Do you know your worth? Like really know it?

Are you underselling your services & not owning your value? ⠀

Then, I probably don’t need to tell you – there is a huge problem. ⠀

The pandemic has magnified the question of ‘price and worth’ ten-fold and women again find themselves questioning their worth instead of owning it…..

I know Women like you are consistently undervaluing their services and over delivering! 

And the impact of that is a cycle of resentment and guilt which is not going to serve you in the tough times ahead. 

And the answer is not about what other people are doing : it’s about finding Integrity in your Pricing and Owning your Worth. 

And I get it – as a defence lawyer, I had the government and my employers deciding my worth. ⠀

With cuts in funding and cuts of staff support — I was left feeling resentful and that was when I wasn’t feeling guilty for starting to not show up, the best of that I could. ⠀

Initially, I brought that energy into my business – wondering why it was others didn’t see my true value and worth. ⠀

When I myself had to do the work to truly own it. ⠀

It’s as Rumi says – it’s like wandering around from room to room looking for the diamond necklace that is around your own neck. ⠀

It starts with you….

So I’ve created a Free Webinar for you on Tuesday the 26th May at 1pm GMT. ⠀

Find Integrity in your Pricing & Owning your Worth. ⠀

During the training you will : ⠀

1. Recognise why self worth reflects in your pricing. ⠀

2. Discover the essential questions you MUST ask and consider when pricing. ⠀

3. Diagnose exactly where you are ‘out of integrity’ with your pricing. ⠀



  • Lulu Minns

    Advocate and Award Winning Coach

    Guiding Women to free themselves from positions to prestige to businesses of significance. Coach, Advocate, Community Builder and Podcast Host of She Rebel Radio on ITUNES.