Every child read, or listened intently to fairy tales, about the fearless Princess warriors, magic beans etc. 

There was always a happy ending, wasn’t there.
“If only life was a bit like that” I hear you say. Well ……..grab a cup of tea and listen to this one and learn how I started a new Business at the age of 65 and am making the Fairytale a reality.


Once upon a time …there was a young girl who was making her way in the world. 

Her Father had always told her that if she worked hard, she could achieve anything she wanted.
Life gave her many ups and downs but through determination and hard work she endured … her name? Well it’s me, Jackie Lee! 

My Journey

I am still very much on my journey and I believe my mission in life is to
help as many people as I can. With my new business “Jackie Lee Your Fairy Godmother” and a little sprinkling of positivity (or pixie dust), I am working to give as many ladies as possible a happy ending.

I had some very low points in my life, an abusive relationship at 17 whilst pregnant with my son to start. We escaped with our lives, and because of this, I eventually suffered a nervous breakdown at the very tender age of 19. With my Father’s help and unconditional love, I pulled through.     However, in 1977 after I turned 23, my Father passed away and I was devastated.                               

My whole world fell apart, but my determination mixed with my father’s teachings enabled me to heal. It was then I would sit and wonder “what would my father do? 

The next chapter of my life took me on to build a successful business operating three Italian shoe shops (well, a girl loves shoes). Eventually two of the shops were sold and unfortunately due to rising rent costs the third was forced to close in 1992. I was left with unsold stock and huge debts. This as you can imagine caused overwhelming stress on my mind and body which ultimately resulted in the development of  Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.).

I fought this debilitating disease for 7 years but in 1992 at yet another low point in my life, I knew I had to make changes to the way I thought and processed emotion. I did just that and so, my story changed. 

Things that motivated and changed my life for the better:

I discovered a very special self-help book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, it literally changed my life. I followed the ideas and created my first vision book,putting in my hopes and dreams for the future. The first picture I posted in that book was of a Spanish Villa. All my friends thought I had gone mad. They wanted to know how I would achieve that when I was in so much debt. 

With the M.E.  Doctors warned me I may end up wheelchair bound, but I put my faith in the universe. I truly believed I could achieve my dreams and stay on the right path. 

If you close your eyes you can hear that sound the fairy-tale wand makes, as a wish is granted.

I now live on a beautiful Spanish island called Lanzarote in my dream home, a villa I personally designed. 

 I have my amazing husband Paul (who I met in 1993) and I did not end up in that wheelchair as predicted by the Dr all those years ago. 

In my vision book I also posted my wish list of destinations I wanted to visit.        

In 1993 apart from meeting the man of my dreams, I went to work with an amazing Canadian company. I formed a team of over 110, won trips all round the world and every single one of those destinations were in my vision book.

Even Jamaica, climbing Dunn’s River Falls where James
Bond ‘Dr. No’ was filmed, ended up being my honeymoon destination.

I hadn’t met my husband Paul when Jamaica’s national treasure made it to my vision book, he knew nothing about it, until I showed him that picture. Your jaw is dropping right?!

The Law of Attraction is part of the teachings of The Secret. The idea is to draw good and positive things into your life by focusing on good and positive things. The Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on and whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you. 

Using the power of your mind, thoughts and imagination, you can bring into your life what you visualize, setting this principle into action.

Law of Attraction. The Tips for Letting it Work in Your Life:

1. Your thoughts determine your desires
2. Dream Big and let the Universe bring it to you
3. Use Positive Affirmations every day and put them in a place you see every day
4. Make sure you are very clear on what you want in your life
5. Use a Vision Board (or book) to attract the things you want in your dream life and see it every day
6. Write any statements in the present tense as if you already have the things you desire.

All these things gave me the focus I needed. I had dreams and I was working towards achieving them. I learnt to live in the present, reach for the future and leave the past behind as you cannot change that. You can change what is happening to you in the present and you can help mould the way your future goes. 

We all have dreams and a wish list, and our own personal mission is to set about achieving them. 

You have the power to create the very life you wish to love. All that’s left to do is to put your positive energy out there, work towards the vision you have set for yourself and start seeing the results.

Today I have become an entrepreneur by widening my network of contacts. I work as a life planner for many, giving advice on life as I know it, business opportunities, and working as a Wedding Celebrant. 


Since 2008 I have been taking Wedding services and have built a successful business with a turnover of over 60,000 euros per year. I have been helping couples fulfil their love and commitment to each other with weddings, renewal of vows and blessing ceremonies along with Baby naming services. This has got to be one of the best jobs in the world spreading happiness and love, but I wanted to do more and even at 65 years of age, I felt I could.

A new Business at the age of 65. One-night last year, I woke in the early hours of the morning at 4am, with an amazing idea buzzing around in my head. I felt compelled to write down the ideas that came into my head. So out came the scrapbook and over the following weeks a plan started to form, and the first ideas became a realisation. I had the start of an amazing new online business and so the Fairy Godmother Programme was born. https://bit.ly/3fWaFaT

I felt that there was a niche for ladies over 45 years of age who may have gotten lost in a new emerging world for the young. A the lady who may have found herself alone through bereavement, divorce or an empty nest. A lady who had perhaps lost her way and is looking for a new purpose in life and wants to reconnect with the woman within. Maybe even a lady that likes to learn a new skill. 

On my programme we have so far covered subjects such as; Creativity and Crafts, Healthy Lifestyle and Exercise, Mindset, Self-Care, Fun and creating the best life for yourself. Not to mention making a few friends on the way. This is a safe friendly group where thoughts are shared.

I launched the new business in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic on 1st May 2020. 

“Are you mad?” I hear you say. “No I am not” is my reply and I truly believe the programme has been a lifeline to many isolated ladies during a very difficult time for the whole world.

The programme is giving them a purpose, making them feel valued as part of a group of like minded ladies, it’s a way of sharing knowledge, and moving them towards redefining their lives. 

I carry out a daily ‘live’ video which  is aired on Facebook every afternoon (2pm UK time). 

I cover general tips and ideas, pass on information and interact with the ladies from the group who are watching during the ‘live’ transmission. This can also be viewed on catch up later in the day with comments added at any point. I actively encourage participation and interaction between the ladies in the group and invite guest experts each week to share their experiences and teachings to broaden the information pathways within the group.

In general terms my work in this new programme is as a life planner for women aged 45+ by helping them turn retirement into their greatest adventure.
To guide and coach them into a life of fulfilment and fun whilst enjoying everyday life as their journey continues and into their retirement.

Fairy Godmother Programme Mission Statement:

“Introducing ladies aged 45+ to new challenges, horizons and lifestyles to help
them live their best life, fulfil their dreams and redefine their life’s purpose”

For the business itself, my personal aim is to make this a worldwide group and a million-euro company. My Dad’s words often come back to me, “….. if she worked hard, she could achieve anything”. Early on in my business life it did have a negative impact on me at times as I interpreted his words to mean that if I didn’t work hard, I would not achieve anything. So, I worked hard but not necessarily productively. I realise now that you do have to work hard to make anything in your life work for you but it is also about looking for opportunities and working smarter too, so you can develop yourself and your business. 

The next step for me is all about the continued development of this new business. Defining how it will develop, its growth and about the inspirational, talented people I am going to recruit along the way. These people will help me achieve my goals, ultimately giving me the business of my dreams and of course achieving that fairytale happy ending for all involved. 

It is going to be a challenging and difficult journey, as it is for any business, especially when it is one that is very personal for me, the founder.                                                                                                 

Sharing it is the only way forward for its continued development, success and growth. I am going to be working smarter not harder to guide and motivate an inspired team to work with me.

I am a motivated, driven and inspirational person and I know that I have made a difference to those lives I have touched. I now feel I am in a chapter of my life, where I want to touch more people with my Fairy Godmother wand and give more of myself to those who need my guidance. 


I believe that my powerful positive mindset will help me achieve just that. 

My Dad, who was the biggest influence in my life, can look down at his daughter and feel proud at what I have become. He taught me everything about values and treating everyone the same and with the utmost respect. He would be the first to endorse my mantra that life is for the living so make every minute count. Tick tock.

There truly can be a happy ending and if you wish for it hard enough, your dreams will come true.

Jackie Lee Your Fairy Godmother