Recently a verse from The Bible popped into my awareness. This is profound because although I have a close relationship with God I don’t regularly read scripture so I don’t know many of the verses by heart, I have to look them up.

I know that whenever I receive specific intuitive guidance such as this I need to listen to it and follow it without question. This in of itself is an entire conversation for a different day, that is trusting and acting on the intuitive guidance you receive.

The verse is Matthew 8:7. It says,

I will come and heal him.

Matthew 8:7

Very simply and immediately Jesus said this in response to a centurion sharing about a servant being paralyzed and in great pain (I’m paraphrasing here).

During those times, living in expectancy was much more common (based on my own interpretation of the scripture). Many people that knew of and followed Jesus had a KNOWING (faith) that with Him anything was possible.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Miracles are possible…

Just as much today as they were back then. Your prayers are answered, not always in the way you want, but ALWAYS in the way you need.

It’s up to you as a human with free will to ASK for what is on your heart, but to leave the HOW up to Him.

Seek to live in expectancy without expectation. 


What magic would immediately unfold, who could you be if you had a KNOWING that miracles were possible every day in your business and life?

Leading yourself and others forward in business and life from a place of mission, vision, and purpose is a whole lot of inner game with a dash of strategy.

It’s practical magic. 

I specialize in providing intuitive and coaching support to conscious women leaders who KNOW they’re meant to share the gifts God has given them to impact change in the world through their purpose-driven business.

I invite you to connect with me to explore receiving a deeper level of support to step into your next level of impact in your business and life.

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