I remember during my Corporate days, on days like these I would use this rise of anger and irritation to follow up with teams that “tested my patience”

Now back then if anyone told me that this was the effect of the Full Moon – I would very openly call them superstitious and not even bother to enquire why.
Maybe have an office joke later too

In my journey to finding me, and finding answers, I opened my mind to the FACT there was an ocean of information that I didn’t know and before I decided to accept it or dismiss it, I had to listen without any bias.

Like me and million others during the Full Moon as the water in the sea rises, the water within us rises, bringing into our awareness emotions that we have long suppressed

It could manifest in anger, sadness or even happiness.

The emotion that surfaces is what needs attention or healing

In these stages I do the following
⭐️closely monitor my thoughts , and journal them & actively work on it later (later being KEY)
⭐️ indulge in only required conversations
⭐️ do the things I love , like watch a movie, paint ?, listen to music ?
⭐️listen to a recorded meditation