Gone are those days when only physical well-being was valued the most and put above the rest including mental and spiritual well-being. Today’s population around the world and especially in nations like the United States where people are more lovelorn, undergo a lack of emotional health as is reflected in the rising number of their physical ailments too.

The ability to cope up with one’s thoughts and emotions holds the key to maintaining successful relations everywhere and thereby retaining one’s mental well-being. But do you know that there are people who cannot hold good relations with others or even find it difficult to present themselves before others just because they have low self-esteem? This is only one of the consequences of lagging in keeping up sound mental health.

Trying to get to the Roots of your Thoughts?? Think Again!

No matter how hard you think about this, I bet you are going to lose it. That is trying to find the link between one thought to another or tracing its source is an almost endless process for anyone. It merely results in mental diarrhea that never stops. Most people may have experienced this, but they think one day they will know the source of their thoughts or its root cause.

Yes, we can find reasons, blame others, feel bad, get stressed out, brood on anything that crosses our mind for which we think they are the immediate sources of our thoughts. But if you come again, fundamentally you still cannot figure out what led you to think those thoughts one after the other even if there is no problem at hand that makes you think so hard.

As many spiritual people, philosophers, or even psychiatrists claim, it is just the nature of our mind to mull over one or the other issue. One’s ability to cope up with these thoughts depend upon how conscious they are about their own mind’s nature that turns against them if not these thoughts are checked and kept under control.

Is there a way to stop Mental Diarrhea?

It doesn’t matter, whether you are facing a big or a small issue, domestic or professional, the nature of the mind is such that it can give momentum to any little thought that can ultimately result in mental diarrhea.

Fighting with the thoughts in a bid to stop them or ignoring them all together are the only choices we have at our hands.

And you think ignoring your thoughts is your second nature? Of course, the first choice is a war one has to lose anyway because no one can fight mental diarrhea once they are affected by it. With the second one, you must have a great deal of focus and control over your mind (read: emotions) to be able to ignore them at the very first instant.

As we go on thinking about how to stop thinking, there are many options (some of which can be great lifestyle choices) that may come to our notice like thinking positive, meditation, yoga, being more of a workaholic than a nomadic thinker, and so on. However, being involved in meaningful pursuits of the mind and body are some of the ways that we can protect ourselves from this insane mental drama that makes us continuously hook to the mind.

One can notice that as this insanity picks up, the nature of the mind poses a much bigger problem than the actual issue which could be one of the reasons for the mind to go bonkers. People can become schizophrenic, maniacs or insomniacs, get depressed, lose their memory power or even cause headaches and enormous stress, the implications for this severe lack of mental well-being are many.

Only by intending to lead a healthy lifestyle with a positive mindset that is backed up by faith can one resolve this internal mental trauma. Dealing with the ups and downs of life with a stable mindset is the real key here. One should not allow themselves not to be a victim of their thoughts even if they are a victim of circumstances. One should remember that with life, all is not yet over and that there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. This gives them tremendous hope and energy to welcome the future with an open mind and not become a thing of the past.

Ultimately, it’s all about taking life into one’s hands and responsibility for their thoughts that could adversely affect their mental well-being and their ability to corner stressful moments.