goal setting

If a marketer asks you this question, chances are he is analyzing your overall efforts and wants to align a strategy that fits your goals.

But when I asked one of my mentees this question, she was totally off the hook. 

You can rightly say she was lost and didn’t have an answer to this question.

Goal Setting: Think about your Words

How do you talk to others about your goals? What words or phrases do you use? Are they phrased positively? Or do you belittle your ability?

Do you sound confident…like someone who is on track to meet their goals?

Do you sometimes blame yourself for not attaining your goals?

Seriously, you don’t need to judge yourself. However, I’ll like you to take an honest look at how you show up to the world.

Goal Setting: Your thoughts 

It’s imperative than you think. While it feels good to speak positively about yourself to others, if you keep telling yourself that you are not good enough, guess what? You are self-fulfilling your prophecy! 

Not only is it important to speak positively about yourself, but it’s also vital to get beyond the analysis and start taking action.


If you spend hours unending making a mental list of things you want to do, it’s time for you to pick one item.

Pick one that requires you to take immediate action and act upon it. One baby step at a time.

As long as you stay stuck in your thoughts or dreams, nothing will ever happen.

This hesitation probably happens because we are afraid to make mistakes or make the wrong choices. However, if you make NO choices, nothing happens, and failure looms around you.

You cannot succeed if you keep still.

This scenario reminds me of when I started my journey online as a marketing strategist. I didn’t have the courage because I’m an introvert.

Who will listen to me? What can I offer that’s new to the world? I have an accent; maybe I shouldn’t consider working with foreigners online? There are too many gurus out there who are smarter, so why should any business owner hire me?

Back then, I had more negative thoughts than positive ones about myself. Talk less of my self-esteem. 

I’m so glad I came across a group of ladies who uplifted my spirits, and I’ll always be grateful I met them.

They helped me focus more on my goals and forget about the hesitation and negative energy pulling me down.

So my friend, how are you doing. Are you following your dreams? Do you have your goals set?

Goal Setting: Systems

My biggest goal at this time of the year is to take a two-week trip off work and relax. Sip enough coconut and pineapple juice and have fun with loved ones.

Haha, not sure if that’s possible. I mean to switch off from work for two weeks completely! 

However, I’ve been practicing these last six months to structure my life and have some Me Time.

I am streamlining my work and building systems that can function without my every- minute- presence.

I focus my attention more on the stuff that actively grows my business. The things that attract new clients each day, predictably and consistently.

At least I want to align my systems and goals, so I don’t go broke in the future.

Of course, it wasn’t always like this for me in the past. But I’ve gone through several hurdles in life that have shaped me into the entrepreneurial lady I am today.

Plus, I’ve had many mentors who have been on my side throughout this journey.