No matter how crazy your idea may be, it can be accommodated here. After proposing a project with as many details as possible, which costs $ 10, a community of more than 150,000 users will begin to give their opinions on the invention. The best-rated proposals will go to the “product of the week” category, and those that interest enough potential buyers will go into production to be sold on the website itself.

While many experts say that being an inventor is not a profession but a state of mind, are the professionals linked to Engineering who are related to finding solutions to the needs of people.

Many of the devices that we now have and use surely were conceived by someone we could call inventor. But you need to study to be the next creator of the wheel, smartphones, and virtual reality.

It is said that a good inventor often observes and determines the needs of people and see how it can facilitate a solution. Pep Torres, a well-known Spanish inventor, says that in order to follow this passion it is necessary to be very brave. “There are no good or bad invention ideas, to be an inventor is to do.

To the future inventors I would tell them not to wait until tomorrow, that today they begin to pick up tools and invent, “says Torres.

While there are no careers that train professionals to be inventors, “there are specialties that can encourage the desire to create, such as Industrial Engineering, or Design, but none encompasses the complexity of being an inventor,” explains Torres.

But several professionals agree that the most useful career to be an inventor is Industrial Engineering because it is a specialty in which you learn physics, algebra, chemistry, technical drawing, industrial processes, manufacturing technologies, and resistance of materials, electronics, and all necessary concepts to be able to create.

Another of the careers that can be related to the ability to invent is Mechanical Engineering; it is a specialty that will provide more possibilities to create because the logic of knowledge says: the scientist discovers it (research) and the engineer applies it to reality (invention).

This does not mean that being a physicist cannot invent something but working as an engineer will spend more time trying to find a solution to a need.

STEM approach

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in English. These are all important areas that a young person must master if he wants to create his projects. It is important that future inventors carry a large number of science-related courses from the school. Courses in technology and engineering should also be taken. But in addition, it is very useful to have notions of computer science or carpentry.

To be an inventor, you just need some creativity and sensitivity to find a solution to the problems that surround people. A good invention is not only focused on large machines or super modern cars, but it can also be something as simple as a pen.


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