Something that emotion me, I thought I would have someone, I really love and friends who will show me, true love. but end at the day, I let her go. Because I thought they gone not made my dreams come true, and even not to guide me in the situation of life. And how it feels when you know, you loved her and you let her go?

I wish you, everything girl to listen, please don’t break your dreams, because dreams go so fast. Maybe one day you’ll really understand, why everything you touch surely dies because love comes slow and it goes so fast. You really know, where you belong and why you hustle to achieve your success.

Don’t feel sad, and even never think too much my dear, I guide you through these situations without rewards from me. I don’t want anything from you forever. I know it’s hard to help crowds and think they will reward you, or even to be proud of you, total that’s really no. most of the people loved to help without something because it’s a gift to them from Lord.

Never give up, even though you don’t have me today, but give thanks to Lord, because you’ve my words already. This life can make you strong through heartbreak, heart attack, and other painful things. You know we learn from this rough level then we go to smooth way and rest our life. I know it’s the solution to let you go.