As a leader, you are the topic of your employee’s dinner conversation. What are they saying about you? 

Are they venting and complaining? Or are they sharing about a funny or encouraging exchange? 

If you don’t know the answer, it is worth finding out! Here are two ideas to help you do that. 

  1. Check out this Newsweek post about 20 Areas of Reflection to Improve Your Leadership. I, along with several other leadership thinkers, shared our advice on how to do just that. My tip… just ask! Seek feedback from your team on what’s working and what could work better. Afterall, they are the ones to tell you the impact you are having.
  2. Join the Fall cohort of The Connected Leader Course. If you want to get clear on your leadership brand, this program will guide you through gaining that clarity and determining if there is a gap between your desired brand and your current one. We just wrapped the Spring Cohort and already have several amazing participants signed up for the fall cohort starting after Labor Day. Sign up now and get the early bird pricing through the end of July with the code “EB300”. Then dive right into the prework and module one. Register Here

I suppose I should have first asked, do you care if you are a good leader? 

I am going to trust that we all wish to be effective, empowering and connected leaders who garner loyalty, trust, and a willingness to go the extra mile. If that is your aspiration, it requires a consistent dedication to the goal. 

What are you doing to earn that leadership brand?