Who has your back ? Have you built a crew? Could you name a person (or 2,3 or 4 if you’re fortunate) who cheers you on, loves and sees you and encourages you to share your inner goodness with the world?

We are not meant to travel through life alone, we are wired for love and connection and taking a moment to internally acknowledge a special person who has pressed into your world is both healing and powerful.

It is so important psychologically to routinely take a moment to let your mind roll around in some gratitude, to think of someone who has had your back, now or further back down your timeline. For me it’s this glorious and amazing woman, my grandmother Priscilla who always saw me, believed in me, cheered me on and spoke words of encouragement over me. She still resides in one of the biggest rooms in my heart and I refer to her smile when I am sad, her hand squeeze when I am feeling nervous and her kind strong words when I need reminding of who I am. We all need a Priscilla … Who is your person? Are you somebody’s person, their gift in this world ?