Studies suggest that it only takes about 7 seconds to form an opinion about someone. Yikes! As an intelligent species, we quickly absorb information and form conclusions. The challenge arises when, once formed, additional data points are filtered through that lens, and we seek to prove ourselves right. After all, who doesn’t want to be right? But that’s essentially confirmation bias in action.

That is why the first module of The Connected Leader Course is Determine and Drive Your Leadership Brand. Do you know how you are perceived? We will challenge you to assess how you are known and bridge the gap between your desired and current leadership brand.

First impressions are undeniably critical, and it’s far easier to make a good first impression than to change a bad one. Consider what contributes to an initial impression. It begins with visual elements: facial expression, stance, posture, attire, energy, eye contact, and even how you enter a room or sit in a chair.

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