I am neither a motivator, nor a guide.
Nor the benefactor or being benefited
we talk about people and the varieties they persist.
Sometimes, we just grab their loose ends
but sometimes some pieces are yet to be stitched together.
Why is it that we want someone to understand us always
and in return we think that we are always right at what we are thinking.

It’s true that at some point in our lives, we feel Isolation is the only Key
but, we forget the Lock somewhere down the alley.
Do you know why?
Because, we want people to communicate,
we want people to find us; when we are busy finding ourselves.
Because we want people to ask, talk to us, listen to us and stay with us.

People say that don’t depend on others for your happiness
but, Happiness doesn’t overlook if you have someone standing at your door
asking “Are you there?”
It’s a give and take from both the angles!
Don’t think about not being dependent on others
let’s think about what will actually make you independent.

So, that Whomsoever comes and goes
you can lead strong and loving
from all the angles
without affecting yourself,
without damaging your conscience
without grabbing your keys and running in isolation

Let’s just become a human
everything in this world would attract by itself!

Love, hate, sadness, silence, isolation
are a part of our life
but how it’s being cultured all over our mind and body
depends upon us ?

Let’s just be happy!
Be human!