Since I started speaking about methods to increase productivity, I realized that there is an increasing trend for tools, formulas, and tricks for productivity. Basicaly, when I write an article about an app, I get an instant high number of readers and interaction with my content. The same when, during my events, I talk about apps. And, of course, usually, only a simple question from the audience about a “formula for boosting productivity”, creates an incomparable attention from the audience. All of them, seem attracted by the present moment provided by the wonder of a possible answer on “what is the formula of productivity”. If you are waiting for an answer, well… this article is for you, but I’m afraid I might disappoint you.

The projects, tasks, reduce time, other tasks, meetings, emails, other meetings, other unexpected projects, books to read, many…many articles to read, free time, more free time with your family, EMAILS, many EMAILS and many updates on social media platforms. A formula for boosting productivity could really be a thing, right?
It’s surprising how simple things, which are in our immediate action become irrelevant when searching for “formulas”.Those simple ideas are most of the times the answer to all of our challenges. Sometimes, the wisdom and solutions come from our close ones. Whether our parents, friends or colleagues tell us this, from outside our “game” things are seen differently, and sometimes clearer. But, when you play the game of tasks and projects, it’s harder to believe, that you are, one small step closer to boosting productivity.
It’s rather easier to look for the next book, that will tell you to pay attention to your eating habits so that your attention and energy are better. But, you won’t listen to your friends or parents, right?
Or, if you working on weekends, it’s easier to find a formula to help you work for more than 12 hours, then listening to your spouse or girlfriend, which tells you to relax in order to restore your energy and attention.

Do you really need a formula for boosting productivity? 

Having a formula means that you could generalize all the existing situation for work and have a single answer for everyone. But, what could seem difficult for a person, could really be custom made for another. The other day, a relative of mine, which was visiting, was complaining about the level of business of me and wife’s life. But, for us, this is the normal thing. What a person calls stress, another calls a desired challenge. The answers are always here, and sometimes in the advice from our close ones.

When you are looking for a formula or app to help you with your tasks, ask yourself how did you arrive at the point where in order to finish them you need to have over hours or work on weekends. And maybe, being aware, you will understand the answers and some solutions will instantly come to you.


  • Costin Ciora

    Consultant & Trainer |Assistant Professor PhD | Author

    Costin Ciora is a trainer and consultant with more than 10 years experience. His experience also includes being a university assistant professor in financial analysis and business strategy. He conducted scientific research activities, as well as being guest lecturer and researcher at top business universities in Europe. The work in academia provided him experience in the field of research, delivery and content creation. He’s the author of the book “12 ingredients for productivity. Better results and more free time” as well as the author or co-author of other books in financial analysis and business strategy. His area of expertise covers: productivity, financial analysis, business strategy, active learning, time management. His passions include reading, writing and running and his family is the starting point or his “Why”.