I remember speaking to someone several years back about wanting to lose weight and I remembered what he said, “Susan, when you are truly ready to get healthy, you will lose the weight”.

I remembered thinking, “What does he know about me, of course I am ready to get healthy.”  Yet, after reflecting on his response for a few days I realized he was right.

Not Ready For A Healthy Lifestyle

  • You want to be healthy, but you are not ready to make the commitment
  • You are not ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes because you believe or think you can’t
  • It is not only your weight that is unhealthy and you are just not quite ready to change your attitude or habits
  • You want to have your cake and eat it all with denial of the consequences because you are not ready to accept the reality
  • Getting healthy requires that sometimes you must deny yourself things you desire (self-control, discipline) and you are not ready to give up your pleasures
  • You are not ready to face and live the new you because you fear you are not capable of handling that responsibility with love

Getting Healthy Requires An Informed Consent To Self

You can get healthy; everyone can get healthy.  It simply requires that you understand what healthy means, and why it should matter to you.

When I say healthy, most people immediately think losing weight; however, you can be at your IDEAL weight and still be UNHEALTHY.

Healthy redefined: having a loving balance in all areas of your life, which allows you to bend without excessive stress to the changes in life (the inevitable fluctuations in life).  Being totally healthy is living in a state of abundance [abundance of joy, peace, and contentment] no matter what comes your way.

Get Off The Diet Rollercoaster & Start Living

The unexamined life is not worth living”, we have all heard that before; yet, examining your life requires that you take the blinders off and then do something different to effect a positive change after the examination. 

I will be the first to say that I did not take the blinders off.  I believed that my “weight was the problem”.  My weight was a problem, BUT it was not the problem.  My weight reflected something deeper, something that I was not ready to address; something that I was holding on to in fear.

Some Healthy Habits Can Become Unhealthy

The human body is an amazing structure, it was designed to perfection to allow us to function at our best.  Genetics, environment, and our own personal input each plays a role in knocking our bodies out of balance, out of proper alignment.  Still, we can do our part to get back to our best, most optimal state; however, it requires a willingness and a desire to understand why that is important. Then we must make a consistent daily commitment to making the healthy choices.

When you do something that creates positive benefits, you will often want to repeat it. That repetitive behavior becomes a habit, like brushing your teeth. Habits, like eating, can become unhealthy when we take them to extremes [lose our sense of balance or use them inappropriately] because we constantly want the positive benefits [pleasure, comfort, and satisfaction].

Being Healthy Is Not Just A Number

You are not healthy because you are 5’8” 160 pounds.  You are healthy because you are 5’8” 160 pounds with a healthy emotional landscape [no excess luggage or junk cluttering your mind], a positive attitude [a mindset of abundance], and the ability to fulfill your fundamental/essential needs in healthy ways with moderation by using discipline.  You are healthy when you practice daily c.a.r.e for self and others.