If you experience I hate the hospital syndrome, then this is a must-read.

That tiny but serious voice inside your head telling you that you need to get out but there are serious doubts that you cannot survive another day at work. 

It can make you emotionally done-zo, drive you further to hate your daily life and make you step outside the normalcy box because you are desperate. 

But…when it reassures you that you seriously feel hatred, then it makes you seem normal… standing around bitching with others who also hate their job.

And it’s important to recognize the difference between hating your jobbecause of compassion fatigue & burnout versus just hating the 12 hours away from home. 

If that serious voice in your head turns on then you should consider this:

You have the power to change that…

EKKKKKK…  hold on…

 Stop your eye rolls… I can feel them from a trillion miles away.

You have the capability to change yourself from the inside out.

Your body is constantly showing you the way out of distress but you’ve been programmed to ignore it!

What’s insanely special about this whole thing is that you can turn your brain on and off like a switch.

If you don’t start or take too long to start because you worry that your not going to be able to do it…

If you feel like you’ve tried everything out there and you’ve had zero results

Or if you feel like ‘I just want to quit’…


You have nothing to lose than to read up…

No one else has the combination of techniques- the combination of working bedside nursing with the true perspective and insight of the hospital system, years of tweaking Real-Time Transformative Response (my 2 step- method to combat compassion fatigue and burnout), and passion to help nurses and not the patients. 

And, you can bet that everyone  – everyone – experiences compassion fatigue and burnout.

Even the people who we perceive as the most docile and confident people. They too have felt or are currently feeling hatred for the hospital.

The frustration train left the building for me years ago, when I see nurses struggle I get pissed off, I used to feel sad. 

It’s my tiny voice that was screaming at me to help. 

Treat The Nurse And Not The Patient.

They think that nurses aren’t humans. The dollar sign syndrome hit the government, Big Pharm and the hospital systems. And of course the ungrateful patients that believe it’s an obligation that they get impeccable service versus treating their symptoms.

If this is you, suffering the effects of the dollar syndrome, I hope you read these next words because I too was that gal not long ago. 

YOU have the control to allow energy to change and manipulate you, if you do not understand KEEP READING…

Have you heard of Biofield Science?

Our bodies are measurable electromagnetic energy fields.

It is a FACT that our energy is constantly moving. It’s like gravity. This has been known for thousands of years.

It’s being proven or has already been proved for the naysers by using MRIs, CTs, EEGs, and just plain observation. Integrative medicine is using several amazing techniques to heal humans and animals from the inside out.

You were born with everything you need. The skills, gifts and passions to heal yourself if you get off kilter.

Have you ever thought about what modern medicine is now?

To me-  you’re sick, you go to the doctor for a magic pill, inside of going back to the basics… what is my body needing or seeking?

Just imagine for a moment being at work and feeling off kilter but being able to turn on a switch and diffuse that feeling.

“I was at work and used your 2 step-method and I could actually feel heat coming from my hands, I knew that I had immediately shifted. I could think clearer and the best part was that no one else was bothering me. All the hustle and bustle was literally, just that. Noise and movement.” – D.D. RN

You love nursing so much, it’s practically imprinted into your DNA… literally. 

Can you imagine if you never graduated? 

I’d feel a hole in my heart. As much as I HATED the hospital… it changed my life forever. 

I not only helped patients along the way but now I was given the glorious gift to serve my fellow nurses. 

I am not a crier. Like, 4 times in my entire career…. But I can cry every time I think about helping nurses. 

What a complete waste of talent we all would be if we all left

And sure, nothing is truly going to change healthcare EXCEPT the way we control ourselves. 

Do you know I mean?  

Another SOS or CODE I constantly see is when my fellow science-based nurses don’t believe they have the power to help themselves.

Almost so cynical and hospital depressed they believe there is no way out…

And I get it. I thought that way too. I almost checked myself into the ED for a mental eval. I was at my hospital hatred syndrome rock bottom. 

There are upsides to working in the hospital… shift work can be amazing for family balance or single people who love to travel. I am sure the list can be made very long…

But it can feel like you have to have tough skin and just deal with the environment, patients, PTSD, overwhelm, anxiety, burnout, and that’s part of the job.

And that’s just not true. 

When I started working in the hospital, it was the “golden years”… it was amazingly fun and people were supportive, sweet, accommodating, understanding, believed in team-work, and checked in on you… 

But what I realized was that after a major meltdown, I had the power. NOT the hospital. Not this job. Not this tainted money that was going into my bank account. 

My hatred for the hospital was so deep that I actually hated their money.  

My meltdown was my awakening. 

Like a frying pan to the face… I had the ability to turn my hatred into a passion to help treat the nurse and not the patient. 

I had a natural gift I was repelling. 

I reached out to multiple brilliant neuroscientist, quantum physicist, psychotherapist to gather data, techniques and confirmed what I had created, Real-Time Transformative Response, would work.

Two-steps that are life altering. 

And then, asked my husband if he thought I was insane…

He smiled and said, no. 

Which, if you knew my husband… he is so literal, so logical, and sooooo by the book that is when I decided to set off on a journey to help my fellow nurses.

And that’s where I started – with complete desperation because my hatred for the hospital was so deep that I knew I had to change or else it would emotionally and/or physically kill me…

I really want you to think about that. 

You do not have to live in this cyclical pattern. 

It’s very unlikely that you will ever be given the tools to decompress, debrief and reduce your compassion fatigue from the hospital.

That is a fact. 

Tools to use every single day of your life– That isn’t a commitment to drive back and forth to therapy, pop a pill or be on FMLA to cope.

It’s kinda that CODE that happens- that is a wicked one…

And there’s a ton of people. 

You don’t have to be the loudest. 

You just have to be the most efficient. 

You just have to be the best you possible for your patient. 

And because you want to be that, you have to think outside of the box…

You have the power to change you.

Born with everything you will ever need. 

And you don’t have to live life dreading the drive in. 

You just have to realize that it’s a lot simpler than you think. 

So don’t give up on yourself.

Ashleigh Boyd R.N.

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