The Power of Your Emotions:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”― Helen Keller

Have you ever gotten in an argument that was so harsh, that it left you or the other person hurting for a long time, sometimes finding it almost impossible to forgive?

Perhaps it was with your husband or wife, your son or daughter, best friend, or even one of your co-workers or employees. Do you remember thinking afterward, how it could have been better if that situation would never have happened in the first place?

If you are like me, there are probably times you wish that you could be able to control those negative emotions of anger, anxiety, and stress that often come unexpectedly in your life.

The Triggers:

Life is full of challenges, and many things that happen during our daily routine can trigger those negative emotions. For me, sometimes, it is while I drive. Some people do some crazy stunts on the road, and it makes me very upset, and I react negatively.
Usually, after I cool off, I realize how foolish it was to behave with such antagonism. I am supposed to be a nice guy. I don’t know how it is with you, but with me, such negative emotions can appear so rapidly that it is hard to understand why.

I have also seen some of my kind friends screaming at their wives, rebuking their children, getting upset at the waiters in a restaurant, at employees in the office. The truth is that most of us have probably done the same at one time or another.

Love and Hate:

Sometimes I wonder, why has nobody taught us in school how to control our feelings? Love and hate are two of the most powerful human emotions. They are invisible forces, but they influence every decision that we make.

I remember when I first met my wife and fell in love. I remember when my daughters were born. I remember the happy times with my Mother, the weekends with my good friends. All the experiences that give so much joy and happiness to my life are all controlled by the emotion of love!

Apart from more positive emotions, I also remember the times that I failed, when I hurt those I profess to love. Times when I was critical or impatient with the mistakes of others -younger or less experienced than myself.

I have regrets, and it is always a struggle and a challenge to learn how not to allow those negative emotions to win.
The good news is that you can choose how you direct your emotions, and by doing so, you can change the quality of your existence on this earth. Positive emotions can enhance your life to the point that you can only dream of.

The Meaning:

In essence, to have a great life, you need to learn to master those incredible forces of human emotion. And you need to understand that the meaning you give to things is essential.

Because the meanings you give to things equals your emotions, and those emotions equal your life! Each of these meanings will trigger a different type of feeling.

For example, when a crisis comes your way, how do you react? Is life punishing you? Or you understand that life is a challenge we must conquer. Most of the severe problems we face are what allows us to learn some of the most critical lessons in life.

The Garden of your life:

Now, if you have done gardening, you understand that weeds grow automatically, you don’t have to plant them. Negative emotions are the same, they are always there growing, and you have to pull them out; otherwise, they will ruin the garden of your life.

Just like you plant beautiful flowers; likewise, positives emotions do not grow by themselves. You have to plant them, water them, and care for them.

To be physically fit, you need to go to the gym regularly. You cannot train once and expect to be fit for life. To be adjusted emotionally, you also have to make it a habit and be conscious of what is your emotional state and what kind of emotions are influencing your daily thoughts and actions.

Action Exercise:

Think of the primary emotions that you feel throughout the day. Choose two of the primary positive and negative emotions that you feel the most.

Do some research and understand what triggers these emotions. Maybe the trigger is in your relationships, your health, finances, or other areas in your life.

Think of ways that you can learn to do more of the things that bring about your positive emotions. And learn how to make a conscious effort to feel different during those negative situations.

Just by being aware, you can change it. And if you make it a habit, it will eventually increase the quality of your life. Some years ago, I made this decision, and you can do that today if you haven’t already.

Say to yourself: I commit to training myself to learn the art of developing positive emotions. To learn to live in a beautiful state by making a significant effort in finding what is right in my life. I will not allow negative emotions to fill my soul.

If you learn to master your emotions and the meaning you give to things, the final result will be your ability to master your life!

And remember:

Faith allows you to believe that all things are possible if you believe and develop a mindset of positive emotions.

Hope helps you never to doubt that there is a better future for you if you just believe and take the right steps.

And always remember there is no greater force in the world than the power of love.

There are faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love.

Vitin Landivar/