Let me tell you the story of the girl who found a friend in the moon. We will call her Dreamer.

The first time they met was a late night car journey, clutching a pink rabbit and wrapped in her father’s coat. The smell of cigarettes and sound of laughter filled the car. This was a time before we knew better a time when Dreamer was small.

Dreamer remembers the feeling of peaceful happiness and then she looked out the window and her breath was taken away. Hanging low in the sky was a huge gentle glowing light, full and round. This was the moment Dreamer anchored a feeling she would seek during the darker times that were to come. This was the feeling when Dreamer could just be.

Dreamer grew a little and had big plans. She wanted to look after the mothers; she wanted to nurture the infants. Why? Because she saw the mothers in Africa on the television with a deep pain and sadness in their eyes holding the children they loved with all their hearts. These children did not have the light of joy in their eyes. This was the moment Dreamer anchored her purpose. This was the feeling when Dreamer knew she could take action.

Dreamer grew a little more and began to be able to act on her passion. She believed in a better world, a kinder planet and hope for all. She was a creator and action taker. She was fearless and passionate. Dreamer was going to change the world, she would write and talk and draw to get her message heard. This was her plan!

Then she was told you can’t do that. What are you really going to be? Over and over she was told no by the big people who were supposed to understand that she was going to make the world a better place, a place where mothers could love their baby’s and the baby could thrive. Over and over she told the big people that she was going to create and share and nurture to make it happen. The big people gave her a pat on the head and said of course you are, now what are you actually going to be. This is when Dreamer began to grow small.

Image by J.Womersley Photography

Dreamer no longer shined under the sun. Dreamer needed to find the shadows to hide her light. Dreamer remembered her friend the moon and how she made her feel. Dreamer began to create under the gentle presence of the triple goddess, the moon. Dreamer kept her dreams alive and shared them with her friend the moon. When the walls closed in Dreamer went for a stroll under the moon. Here Dreamer shared her true self the one she had to hide from the world she lived in.

As Dreamer grew bigger outside, inside she grew smaller. Life happened to her, life hurt her, life left her feeling out of control and life crushed her big plan.

Then one day as summer began she stood outside and howled in pain. As she fell to her knees a light shone down. Her friend the moon was reaching out, touching her and reminding her of the anchored feeling from long ago when she was outside small. That day the inside began to grow again.

From a moment long ago Dreamer had an anchor that saved her. For Dreamer took back control. Dreamer connected back to her soul. Dreamer reawakened her feminine energy. Dreamer took inspired action. Dreamer birthed her plan.

Now Dreamer walks under the moon, connected to her energies and flourishes all from a moment which happened long ago.

This is why anchors are so important. When your vibe is low or you are feeling down it can seem just too much to raise that vibration. An anchor will take you to the place you want to be. When you are in the feeling you want to be able to jump to in just a second create an anchor. A smell or piece of music, something visual, something powerful is what works. Start investigating yours, find what works because mums you are awesome but sometimes life happens. Motherhood is both the most joyous and hardest life stages. Find your anchors, make them strong and activate them today. Shift your mum guilt, shift your mum anxieties and thrive in business and motherhood.

Love and Abundance


Nixie Foster – The Motherhood Mentor a spiritual life-coach to mums in business. The founder of ‘High-Flyer to Authentic Motherhood in 13 Steps’; a mentorship program to shift mum guilt and mum anxieties so you can thrive in business and motherhood.