What would you think if I told you that just by having a simple daily routine that allows you to internalize, reinforce and remember 3 words daily, you will have a much happier 2020?

Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?  It is as simple as that.

Let’s start by speaking with empathy and with love to yourself. You will choose three words that speak to you and then try to build a routine that allows you to use these words every morning. Repeat these words, preferably speaking to yourself in the 3rd person, perhaps in front of the mirror while getting ready to leave your house, or in the car as your first song/sound of the day on your way to work.

If you can’t do it out loud, no problem.  Try writing the 3 words on your calendar or on a post-it and stick it on your laptop or desk at work, or even have them as a screensaver on your smartphone. The idea is to have these words visible and present.

How to define your words:

Your first word should summarize something POSITIVE, something you would like to add to your life or continue doing this year.

In my case, that word is LEARN.  Learn to grow, learn to have more tools and ways to do good (to myself and to others).

The second word you choose should be one that allows you to drop or let go something/someone who you don’t want in your life anymore; something you consider is harmful/NEGATIVE to yourself.

This new year I have chosen to discard PREJUDICES. That is my second word. The goal is to drop them from my mind and heart (or at least to minimize them), trying to judge less my own ideas or the ones from others, and to become more tolerant, and fair.

The third word should invite you to add value especially to other people’s lives. Do GOOD TO OTHERS.  On 2020 I am choosing ACCOMPANYING.

Being a good partner, sharing more with my friends, family, and those less fortunate that are going through difficult situations on their lives.

The idea is that you choose your own words, those that really resonate to you according to your goals or your circumstances, and identify the moments of the day to remember them while having a brief conversation with yourself, as you put them into action daily.

Believe me, if you practice this as a routine every day, your days will be more positive and joyful.

May your 2020 become the happiest year of your life yet!

Meanwhile smile, nobody is watching you.


  • Giancarlo Molero @gmhappiness

    Happiness Innovator and Marketing expert

    Giancarlo is an Innovator, Marketing expert, Sport and Music lover with over 20 years of experience in different ventures along the Americas and Europe. He is an Economist with a Masters in Marketing and a certificated Happiness Coach from the University of California, Berkeley and The Science of Wellbeing at Yale He is Founder at ToyFeliz.net and Co-Founder the World Happiness Summit and partner at OpcionYo.com. He works as a consultant as part of his purpose of improving and making happier others life one step at a time.