You want a professional web design that you want millions of people to reach with a single click. You can now learn about the professional website with the 10 golden rules we have written below on this subject.

 Domain Name of Your Web Page

Web sites have names like us, these names are generally called domains. One of the most important rules when building a website may be your domain name.

Names that appeal to your catchy industry are absolutely essential for a professional website. What you need to be careful about in your domain name is that it is a short and popular extension. Short names make it easier for users to reach you with their catchy.

While you are building your website, you can use your site with .com, .net or if your brand belongs to you, by establishing a company. These extensions are popular by both users and Google and should be considered for the health of your site.

2) The Company You Get Service for the Web Page

The other golden rule that you should pay attention to in the web design industry is the company or individuals who make a website. With the development of today’s technology and software field, various software companies and individuals have taken part in this field.

Before making a website, it is necessary to research the company from which you will receive website service. The references of this research website company can be details about how many years it has been engaged in this business and the services it has provided.

The biggest complaint of users in the web area is the technical support issue after the website is made. Most of the companies that design your website stop serving you by taking the remaining balance of the site at the end of the transaction.

We can say that the websites you have built with a certain budget may be garbage if you do not get support. If you cannot reach the customer representative in any update or any problem and you cannot get help, we have to say that your efforts are unfortunately wasted.

Websites are created with millions of codes written regularly and should always be up to date. You should pay attention to the fact that you can receive continuous support from the company from which you receive the website service in order to fulfill the updates that come in time or the requests of your users.

3) Web Page Design

When designing web pages, a design is created by filling your logo with content such as your services, references, images.

Simplicity is always considered when creating a design. It is very important for the users of your site to show all the services you perform under the menu of our services instead of showing all the services you have done on the homepage.

4) Responsive (Mobile Compatible) Websites

Do you know how many hours of the day you spend on the phone?

An average person works 7 hours a day over the phone. While this period is this long, it is very important for your mobile users to be mobile compatible on your sites.

Responsive (mobile compatible) sites are specially coded for tablet, phone and computer separately. When your users enter your website, your website, which takes shape according to the device size, allows your users to operate more easily.