I heard something recently, on a podcast, no doubt.  Although, of course, which one I can’t remember.

And it stuck with me.

Here’s what it is:

“It’s not about transformation, it’s about evolution”

It’s not a perfect metaphor (nothing is perfect).

But it rings so true.

Often when I work with clients they are seeking a “transformation”. 

They want to be different from how they are now.

They want to go from being “disorganized, stressed and overwhelmed” to “organized, calm and in control”.

And with my help, they get there.

And then they keep on going.

Because there is no “there, there” (as Gertrude Stein said).

To me, it would be pretty demoralizing to think I had “arrived”. 

That I was a caterpillar and now I am a butterfly and that the only thing left to do is fly around a little and then die.

That’s transformation.

I want evolution. 

I want to keep evolving. 

I want to keep getting better. 

I want to be allowed to pivot. 

Without feeling like a failure.

I don’t want only one option; I want optionality.

And I want that for you as well.

Every time I run my program, Time Well Spent, there’s at least 1 person who voices that same epiphany, and it’s this:

  • They started the program thinking that there was a clear end state.
  • And they’ve realized that the more they practice, the better they’ll become.
  • And that their goals can change.
  • And that not only is that ok, it’s preferable.

They start thinking of themselves more expansively. 

And this helps others to start thinking of themselves more expansively.

Transformation and evolution are both, at their core, words that describe change.

But I’ve come to believe that the latter is wholly preferable to the former.

I don’t want an end.

I want to keep moving, keep changing, keep evolving.

What about you?

And if learning to use your time in a way that feels good, on the daily, sounds like something you’d like to evolve into, Time Well Spent is opening for enrollment in just a couple of weeks.

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