Authenticity is a concept that has been on my mind lately. As part of my deep-dive and introspection, I asked some friends and acquaintances what this word meant to them.

Everyone was very happy to share their thoughts. Some defined authenticity by spotlighting the opposite. They described an inauthentic person as dishonest, selfish, lying, or breaking promises. Others saw authenticity as a person whose behavior showed up with heart, compassion, and integrity.

Although I agreed with all these ideas, I thought to go deeper.

My own thoughts concluded that…
Authenticity is intimately linked to recognizing and embodying truth.
Authenticity goes hand-in-hand with trust, value, faith, and understanding oneself.

An authentic person will…
Know their truth
Understand their truth
Speak their truth

Each person is on a life-long journey to embody an authentic expression of their own truths. Truth brings a high level of integrity, vulnerability, and transparency.

Let’s explore more personally…
Have you held back from speaking your truth?
Have you ever said yes to something that wasn’t your truth?
Have you ever appeased someone who was rude or arrogant?
Have you ever told a white lie to avoid a confrontation or hurting someone?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have worn a mask. Why?

You may think being authentic feels too vulnerable – and, that’s too steep a price.
You may think that your truth can be used against you.
You may think that truth doesn’t matter.

You may feel that hiding your truth is safer.
You may compromise truth for approval or validation.
You may be afraid of your own power.
You may fear judgment.

A final consideration is that you’re a very private person – perhaps you only reveal your truth in certain settings or, with specific people. Most people see your mask.

Do you have another view of authenticity?  Do you wear masks?  

Authenticity comes when you feel safe to explore and speak your own truth…
   And, truth is a lifelong journey because…

  • There are truths you recognize
  • There are truths you do not recognize
  • There are truths you are not ready to accept

Your capacity to embody your truth varies based on…

  • Age, person, situation, and environment
  • Personal awareness, values, and perceptions
  • Innate fear-factors and beliefs

Because you are always shifting, growing, and changing

  • The truth you embody today is one thing
  • The truth you embody tomorrow is another thing

For all these reasons, embodied authenticity is a challenge worthy of your attention.  Authenticity allows you to stay true to your heart, stand your ground, and speak your truth without fear, apology or compromise.

Here’s a little recap –

Authentic is the person who is not afraid to be themselves. They are not afraid to show the world their greatness. They are not afraid of judgment.

Authentic is the person who knows their heart and their mind. They have a deep understanding of how they think, what they feel, and the reasoning behind their actions.

Authentic is the person who speaks their truth with love. They are not afraid to share their thoughts. They communicate without malice.

Authentic is the person who lives with integrity. They live what they speak. They hold an inner motivation. Their goal is growth, purpose, and contribution.

With perseverance and awareness, you steadily embody more and more truths.  With this priority,  your life becomes a beautiful tapestry of authenticity.

Much Love,

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