There are so many ways in life to understand that we have to do some emotional healing. We just have to be open to understanding it.

I for myself see it right now: my house was robbed a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been living with an immense package of fear. I never had that fear before, I slept with open windows, I left the house wide open at night, I was never afraid someone could enter my space. 

But now I do not go out after nightfall, I stay at home, I close the doors, I become more suspicious and do not trust people anymore. You get the point!

When we get hurt, we create emotions and patterns around us and then we start living according to them, creating beliefs and habits that we think keep us safe.

When I studied nutrition, I understood that food is also just an indicator to show us where we have the need to heal. If we eat foods that are sweet and we are really craving sugar, chocolate and so on, it is a sign of our body telling us: Hey, you are looking for love, for hugs, for comfort (that’s why it is also called comfort food). Research has shown that when we tend toward crunchy salty food, we nurture our anger inside. 

As soon as you start creating awareness around your body and mind, you can understand what is going on on the inside and what you need to do to heal, to overcome a craving, a negative emotion, or even pain.

As soon as you start creating awareness around your body and mind, you can understand what is going on on the inside and what you need to do to heal, to overcome a craving, negative emotion or pain.

Money is another indicator that shows us where we need to heal.

Let me just explain that there are three aspects of money, INCOMESAVINGS, and DEBTS. These are three indicators that also show us what is going on inside of us.

What is INCOME :
How much money you’re earning. Your current income is typically a reflection of how much you believe in your own value.  

Income tends to activate:
Panic, fear, anxiety, sadness, anger

What is SAVINGS: 
How much money you have “saved up” shows you whether it’s okay or safe to be rich.

Savings are emotionally often connected to: 
Loss or abandonment experiences 

What is DEBT: 
How much money you owe. 

Debt emotionally tends to activate: 
Shame, embarrassment, humiliation, panic 

So no matter what you want to change in life: your eating habits, your exercise level, your money story, a love relationship, you first have to become aware of your patterns, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and so on. Without the awareness and understanding, you won’t change anything long term, you just bring yourself over and over and over again into the same situation, the same amount of money in your bank account, the same man/woman you attract, the same food cravings. Diets work for a few weeks, but we will fall back into bad habits if the underlying emotion isn’t healed. And maybe you attract a partner and it feels good for a while, but do not be surprised if it ends up the same way as always.

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