We have always been taught about how working hard towards our goal will help us to build the path of success, but is it only possible with hard work? or is it only about the success? What about the journey that we cover to achieve success.

We get influenced by movies which shows that we can achieve anything overnight. They show us of how we can achieve anything just by practicing and we will get positive results as well but is this the reality? Think about it when we started learning something new it takes time to learn the skill and becoming a master so that we can teach others as well.

The graph of success is never linear, which means you have to give equal effort evertime you try to lean something new. And that is why people started to loose interest in what they are doing because they have seen that just by practicing we can do anything but the labour and hard work we have to put is not considered as a part of our learning system.

Remember when we were young and we were learning new concepts of different subjects at first it was not easy to understand but later as we practice and didn’t give up in the process we learn those concepts and again when we were in new standard we have to learn new concepts again, we need to give the same effort to learn them. This is the cycle of learning we set a goal chase it and sometimes we give up but then bounce back and achieve that milestone and then we will pull up our socks for the next milestones to achieve.

So, don’t get demotivated by you learning phrase a little process is better than stagnant stage.