Growing up, we’re taught that to be successful, you had to work hard. But over time, I’ve observed that you need more than zeal, discipline, or work ethics to succeed at anything. 

In his book, Born to Win, the late Zig Ziglar argued that we cannot define success in one sentence. Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra further describes success as a matter of constant growth and the continued expansion of happiness, and the progressive realization of worthy goals.

Here’s the thing…

Success has little to do with financial security, but passion, talent, and impact. It is how you use your ability to earn wealth and make the world better. In essence, though hard work is the bedrock of success, it is not its strength.

Let’s now look at habits and actions that often transform a hardworking person into a successful person. 

1. Keep Tangible Relationships

Many of us are too comfortable with our comfort zone, so it takes an ample measure of emotional energy to reach out to those around us. Yet, by interacting with others, especially those you admire, you’re a step towards your dream.

At one time or another, you would need people to push you to the next level- not just people who care for you but also those who can steer you to critical thinking.

To stay off mediocrity, challenge yourself by reaching out to people to build enlightening relationships.

2. Invest

Right, you’ve worked hard and earned some rewards. But be careful not to spend all earnings on what only offers immediate gratification. An investment will go a long way to help build the empire you envision. It is a way to become successful while working hard.

Set aside drops of your income monthly. Purchase shares, real properties, and more. Don’t rely on active incomes; instead, invest in things that will grow your money. Make inquiries, take appropriate actions, and let your money build itself. That’s how to become successful. 

3. Kill The ‘Privileged’ Mentality

Graduating top of your class and being tagged ‘Most likely to succeed’ doesn’t automatically translate to success. After all, brilliance doesn’t mean smartness, and success in exams does not translate to success in life. 

For better results, you must define your success path by engaging other factors for success. You need to become strategic in thinking, make the right decisions, manage your time well, overlook hindrances, and remain goal-oriented. That’s what will help you to scale the ladder of success.

4. Focus on Self-discovery

Many hardworking folks find it challenging to choose from the many doors opened to them. Yet the truth about running around and trying out every opportunity is that there’s hardly commitment and, thus, limited success in these areas. 

Instead of dabbling into several endeavors, why not invest in self-discovery? Connect with someone who’s succeeding in your area of interest. They can help you find and work with what you need to become a pro.

5. Maximize your Potential

Stop underestimating your abilities. If you are interested in succeeding, you have to attempt taking a walk in the shoes of great people. Set your goals. Learn to take risks around what you’ve discovered to be your passion. 

Do all it takes to harness your potentials. Interact with those that have gone ahead of you, take more training, practice some more. Your diligence will have you sitting before prominent men. 

6. Be Consistent and Persistent

On the path to success, you’ll encounter obstacles. Let’s be clear on this; you’ll make mistakes and miss desired results. But that’s a popular happening amongst successful people. 

Abraham Lincoln didn’t become President of the United States on a platter of gold, but he never gave up. No matter how many times he failed, he kept on.

Stay focused, regardless of defeat. Don’t be too quick to accept setbacks. Check what you could have done better, work on it, and keep at it.


Hard work alone cannot bring you success. Neglecting other factors leading to success would only limit the achievement of your dreams. That is why every day, you need to deliberately imbibe habits and take steps that transform hard work into success.