In a recent blog post about acting in alignment with your desires, I mentioned the book, The Secret. While I felt it was a good Law of Attraction book overall, it left a lot of people feeling guilty, especially around the idea of the law of attraction and how it relates to having attracted an illness.

If we attract everything in our lives, as I personally believe we do, then we must have attracted any illnesses we’re facing.

From that, many people were left feeling guilty, for surely we must have done something wrong and it’s all our fault. We feel if only we had done such and such, we would not have attracted the illness. A lot of people were left confused and feeling guilty.

By the way, the reason I believe we do attract everything in our life is because of something Arnold Patent wrote in his book, You Can Have it All, in 1984.

He surmised that either we attract everything, the “good” and the “bad” in our life, or we attract nothing. We can’t have it both ways.

Attracting the good while writing off the so-called bad as a coincidence or “bad luck” makes no sense. The reason I wrote “so-called” is because, if you understand the Principle of Polarity, you know that there are no absolutes.

Everything is in relation to its opposite. Hot and cold are not absolutes. Is a sixty degree day hot or cold? It all depends on where you live. What is rich? Again, it depends on who you ask. Good is only good in relation to something “less good.”

I’ll write more about that in a future post. In the meantime, here’s something I wrote about this idea previously.

Why believing the law of attraction – that we attract everything, including illness, can actually help you get well

As some of you know, I’m not simply writing about this, I’m also going through a major health challenge and fully intend to overcome it. To do so requires my examining any limiting beliefs, especially societal ones, that may be getting in the way of my success.

If I choose to believe my illness is just the “luck of the draw,” then I’m doomed. Believing that takes away all my personal power and I’m stuck buying into whatever the, well intentioned, doctors tell me.

However, and this is an important distinction – if I choose to accept that I played some part in the creation of this situation, consciously or unconsciously, for whatever reason, then am I empowered to change it.

You see, I don’t particularly care which is true. What I decide is true for me is what will determine my success.

I care which belief serves me. Period!

Don’t get so caught up in a belief that it gets in your way. If you’re “accepting as fact” something that is limiting you in any way, you owe it to yourself to challenge it. Ask, “Is it a fact or is it simply a belief or opinion?”

If you do this you’ll soon find that a lot of what we all believe is simply not true. It’s something we, or others, have repeated enough times over and over that we start to believe it to be true. People believed the world was flat and man could not fly. That didn’t make them true.

By the way, my next book will explore beliefs in much more detail. Look for it in Spring 2018.

No disease is incurable

Saying that a particular disease is incurable is a belief, based on an opinion, and simply not true. It may be true in the opinion of a particular health practitioner based on his or her limited knowledge, however that does not make it truth.

Personally, I choose to believe something I read in 1978, written by Norman Walker the grandfather of the modern juicing movement.

I made that my mantra and have chosen to believe it since. God, not medicine, created my body, therefore believing this works for me.

And my beliefs are being further supported by the healing results being produced by Doctors all over the world, treating every imaginable illness.

Information series like The Truth About Cancer and others are circulating crucial life giving information free online, where you can watch it in the comfort of your home.

Leading research hospitals are producing Webinars, detailing the latest findings and treatment protocols for a variety of illnesses.

Remember: what we believe about something is more important than whether or not it’s true. And with everything going on in science and research, much of what has been accepted as truth is being proven to be incorrect.

If you or a loved one is facing a serious illness, you owe it to yourself to learn everything you can and be in a position to make informed decisions. Don’t let one person’s limiting belief become your death sentence.

My personal program so far

This is not meant to be medical advice. It is simply what I am doing personally.

For anyone who’s interested, some of what I’m doing, includes working with the ideas in the books, You Are the Placebo, Dr. Joe Dispenza and The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton. Both books discuss the advances in science that explains how our thoughts and mind affect our body.

I’ve also recently begun using the Meditation from You Are the Placebo

I’ve understood and have been working with these ideas for years, however, learning more about the “why” behind it is helpful and will strengthen my belief about being to heal my body. Science can now explain why and how Self-help ideas like imagery and visualization work.

In addition to my Hematologist, I’m seeing an “Integrative Doctor,” who is helping me keep my body healthy with specific supplements to complement the traditional treatment.

I’m also using visualization. I was referred to the work of Dr. Emmett Miller who is one of the original people in the use of guided imagery. His web site is well worth looking into for specific health related visualizations.

It may sound a little “out of the box” but I’m using an energy frequency device, similar to the Rife machine which has been used in healing since the 1930’s.

And, of course, I’m cleaning up my diet as best I can. I’ve kept my smoothies going, most days, for almost five years now. I believe this is one of the reasons I’m feeling as good as I am.

Whatever challenges you may be facing, health or otherwise, it is important to understand that you have, within you, the power to change your life.

The “secret” is to keep your focus on the outcome you want and not get caught up in the problem itself. Thinking, talking and complaining about a challenge does not serve you.

Please pass this post along to anyone you know who is facing a serious health challenge and could use some encouragement.

To your health,

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