Spirituality is another form of ‘humanity’, what does it mean to be spiritual? How do we live in a spiritual way, within society? How might you be aligned with your spirituality, bring a greater sense of joy and fulfillment to your life?

Method of worship is common to all religions. Various forms of worship are instituted in every religion of the world irrespective of their different concepts of God, but it is this concept of God that makes the difference in the religions that we observe. Whatever be our idea of God, that is also our notion of things in general, and it has a direct impact on our social relationships; but the concept of God as Vishwanatha, as Lord Siva, as God in principle with us is an inclusive one, so that religion becomes mankind’s attitude to God. It is not my attitude or your attitude, it is the religion of mankind, the religion of humanity, because though human beings as individuals are many in number, the character of mankind is single and human nature is uniform. Thus, the religion of humanity can only be one, inasmuch as it is the religion of human nature. Human nature is the same wherever we go, whichever country we approach. So this religion got founded on a psychological basis and it became a sadhana naturally, because when it assumes a universal character, a comprehensive nature, it becomes fit enough to become a spiritual technique for any human being. We may take the name of God as Christ or Buddha or Allah or Vishnu or Krishna, but what is the concept in our mind? That is what makes the difference, and that is what is going to determine the extent of success that we can achieve through that practice.

Spirituality is nothing but a state of mind-set, and accordingly we do devote the particular time for creating an inner peace.

Finding your spiritual side is an important step in the journey of holistic Personality Development. However, many people do not realize the importance of being in touch with one’s spirituality. Spirituality is not merely following customs and traditions of your chosen religion, although that helps too. Spirituality is an inner awareness of one’s connectedness with something higher, call it God or Collective or Source or Life Force. It is the wonderful feeling that we are all part of a big picture, and that each of us is connected.

8 ways to embrace spirituality in our busy and often cluttered everyday life:

Diagram: Flow of Spirituality

1. Meditation

When we are silent and peaceful, we can hear the gentle rhythm of our soul. Whether we choose to adopt a guided meditation, a trance meditation, a visualization meditation or any other of the thousands of forms available, it will still work as long as you get a few moments of peace, quiet and calm reflection. You don’t even have to assume a pose for it — you can do it while you are performing mindless chores or even exercise.

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2. Prayer

Prayer is an extremely effective way for us to connect to the spiritual realm, whether we are praying to God, Goddess, angels or other entities. It still is an acceptance that we are all connected, and there is a bigger picture to life. We don’t have to pray only during times of distress, or even recite hymns — we can just say a quick, silent prayer before we begin our day and/or retire for the night.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude opens a floodgate of inner peace, and thereby spiritual awareness. Count your blessings. Bless the food you eat. Make a list of things you are grateful for. All these will open us up, and bring us closer to experiencing peace and awakening. When we are grateful for everything from our food to our life, we are acknowledging the presence of a Universal Energy and welcoming more positivity into our lives.

4. Compassion

Compassion and empathy are true spiritual bridges. When we feel for another and connect with them, we are indeed connecting to the spiritual realm. Only a truly spiritual person can truly feel another’s pain and pleasure. And if you can do it, then you are spiritual, whether or not you “believe” in spirituality. 🙂

5. Rituals

Rituals are very powerful. Having simple 2–minute positive rituals, done in good spirit, can help you feel more connected and peaceful. For example, if you always bless the food before you eat it, or light incense sticks in the evening, or wish goodwill to everyone before you sleep, you are attracting the path of spirituality and awareness into yourself.

6. Support

Support in voice is just another form of spirituality. If we are supporting something legally, it is the root of spirituality and it definitely has control over the situation.

7. Company

Spirituality, like any other quality, can be imbibed through constant interaction with highly aware, spiritual and conscious people. Being with people who are too worldly can often bring your awareness levels down, but contact with aware and spiritual souls can really help you boost it up. And if you cannot find such people in your locality, find them online!

8. Kindness and Helpfulness

Being kind and extending a helping hand to another in need is a very spiritual act. If you can selflessly help someone out, however trifling the thing may be, it still boosts your awareness, peace and connectedness. Even if you do not believe that the Universe will repay your kindnesses threefold, you can still feel a sense of elation and fulfillment, through acts of kindness. It is essentially what a spiritual experience is all about!

Originally published at medium.com