Do you sound bored? Maybe a little condescending? Trying to keep the stress out of your voice? How can you expect potential clients to become excited about giving you money if you can’t convey how happy your business makes you feel.

Think it doesn’t matter.

Pooh Bear begs to differ.

When Pooh first came to live with us his name was Taco. Seriously, it was Taco. Obviously we thought it was stupid and when we called his name, Pooh would not even respond.

He has an overbite and hubby thought it was funny to call him Mugsy. That wasn’t working either. Again he would not respond. The emotion behind both those names coming from us was insulting and he picked up on it. The second I called him Pooh Bear, he heard the love in my voice and came running.

Do you think that Pooh’s just a dog and people do not respond in the same manner?

Ponder on that for a moment. For the next couple of days, pay attention to your verbal interactions with other people and write down how you feel after talking to someone. Does it correspond to the tone and inflection of the person speaking to you?

I had not realized I was actually singing when leaving messages for clients on their phone to schedule upcoming appointments until several of them remarked on it. “ I love hearing you sing when I get home from work. Makes my day.” “I was asking my wife if she remembered your number, when the kids started singing it. That was awesome.” “My dog sits by the phone whenever you call. I have to replay the message for him.”

I was singing because I loved my business. I loved interacting with my clients and it came through in my voice.

The next time you start talking about your business, use emotion and watch how people respond to you. Make your business name sing to them.

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