Well, this is a difficult one to write. This year started off painfully. I didn’t have any clear goals or maybe I did but I wasn’t motivated to do them. I had a formula (or so I thought) on bringing my mojo back but sometimes it’s easier said than done. It’s always about getting yourself aligned spiritually, physically and mentally but everything was out of sync. However, I knew I just had to do all these things despite whatever was happening. Fake it till you make it or go through the motions and everything else will follow.

Looking back the last 10 months, amazing things have happened to me from travelling quite a fair bit, meeting celebrities like Halle Berry and Javier Bardem, getting on the cover of a magazine to launching a new book. This year, however, the focus was on my health.

The trigger was someone I cared for made a comment about my size. I have always been comfortable in my own skin (or so I thought) until I heard this said about me. I was very hurt because I thought there was more to the friendship than it being something skin deep. I am normally not fazed easily about anything but I guess when poison comes from someone close to you, it bloody hurts. That all this while, the friendship was based on my waistline. Yes, I know better that it’s a reflection of the person and not me but still. Yes, words can really, really hurt. It penetrates deeper than visible scars.

And then three friends died in a span of 10 days all below the age of 50. It made me take a serious look at my health rather than my weight. Yes, I wanted to lose weight but for the right reasons. I looked at the most dangerous aspect of fat and that was visceral fat and sorry if is getting technical but this is the fat that clings to your organs. I believe if we solve the core issues (in life), everything else will follow.

I did many things from watching what I ate, exercising regularly, going on a weight management programme, BTL to detoxing. I am pleased to say after 10 months, my visceral fat went from 11 to 5. Yes, I lost some weight in the process. Hooray!

Looking back at my blog at the beginning of the year, I decided my word for the year was vibrancy and yes, it has been vibrant so far. I also ask myself if I am a better me as a radio producer, trainer, speaker and the many hats I wear just because I am two dress sizes smaller. No, I don’t think so. I am a healthier person for it though so thank you for fueling that change. Silver linings, eh?

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