We know you have lots of plans and targets to achieve, and we know that you don’t want them to unravel. There are a thousand directions your work can head in, and a thousand opportunities, but unfortunately, you can’t pursue them all. The lack of time and resources can mean being buried in routine tasks, without the ability to shape a vision, an ultimate goal you’ll be heading to.

This is why the mindset of achieving more with less may come in very handy to you. As someone working for a small business of phone mobile boosters, I know what shortage of time of resources is in terms of competition. So, what steps can you take in order to get the best out of your work and resources?

1. Learn to say no

It’s a good ability- being choosy about the work you do. And this goes irrespective of whether you are an individual contributor to a company, a small business owner, a manager or a freelancer. Shortage of resources is actual everywhere, and it’s often hard to hire or outsource people to do the work for you. Therefore, it is critical that you realize that taking on more than you can complete is a surefire way to failure and burnout. Your sanity is what will matter in the long run, so take on as much as you can achieve without going crazy or nauseous.

2. Automate

We live in an era of technology, and there are apps and programs for nearly everything. Invest some time into researching possible solutions that will reduce mundane work and free up some space for creativity. For example, if you have to run 8 social media pages for your company, don’t just sit there and copy the content from network to network- just find a social media scheduling software like Buffer, Hootsuite or Sprout Social, and you’ll end up with a couple more hours to spend on things that matter.

3. Take one step at a time

Arriving at work to see 60 items that need to be checked from your to-do list may send all your system to mayhem. It just seems impossible to do all of them at once, and you may find yourself spending all day jumping from task to task. But that just won’t get you anywhere. Instead, choose to do one task at a time, without distractions, and only jump to another one when this one has been finished. You will find that more things get done during the day, and that’s definitely an advantage.

4. Set up short breaks

Getting overworked or spending 80 hours at the office doesn’t mean you will get more things done. Marissa Mayer may well be pulling 130 hour working weeks, but is it worth going down that path? Your brain needs a break from time to time to be productive, and it is a good idea to go grab some tea and chat a bit with a colleague or that guy in line. So, remember, work-life balance matters a lot!

5. Avoid negative minds

There are always people who will try to downgrade whatever achievements you have. Do yourself a favor and don’t let these people surround you. You want to preserve a positive outlook on your job and day-to-day tasks to be able to be motivated and enthusiastic.

In the end, remember that whatever you do is a part of the bigger picture, and every step you take drives you a bit closer to your destination. Time to get going, now!