So one of the things I get asked more than any other thing from clients and students is how to stay inspired in life? They want to know the powerful way of finding joy and sustaining joy.

And there is indeed a powerful way.

Life is a tricky thing. There are always ups and downs and it can be hard to sustain true joy. I’m talking about joy that sticks and lasts a lifetime.

And while we will never be joyful all the time there is absolutely ways to learn to move into joy and hold for the longterm.

As I share – this is the my number one go to for finding purpose, meaning and joy in life and that is doing the soul work.

And now more than ever we have the perfect chance and opportunity to tap into this feeling of finding a deeper inner contentment.


I’m sincerely speaking from the heart hear when I say I’m seeing all of what we are going through with a different perspective. I’m actually seeing it as a great gift and blessing that is forcing us all to pause and realign ourselves.

We would never just stop like this and take a moment for pause. We are all running and going constantly so let this be the catalyst that allows us to go inward.

Let us take a more powerful and inspired perspective moving forward and let us tap into the soul work.

So what exactly is Soul Work?

  1. Meditate – yes. Try it. It’s powerful. The benefits are enormous. Check out my article on getting started for those who have never meditated. I offer a complete breakdown. I even have a free guided meditation to help you get going.
  2. Read – so much wonderful content, books, insights and wisdom left by great writers and sages. Let’s get with that and see how we come out on the other end. Check out this link to see what I’ve been reading. I’ll be updating soon with a new breakdown of some of the most powerful stuff to keep us inspired. I’m an avid reader and try to get in at least one book a week. Two if I’ve got a little extra time, generally never extra time, but if the book is a short easy 100 page read or so.
  3. Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones – This is a perfect opportunity to just chill and have a deeper conversation with loved ones. Listen more. Ask questions. Go deeper. Listen intently like you’ve never before. I promise you there is profundity and intensity we can tap into when we just slow down and show up fully and powerfully in the present. Compassionate Listening is powerful. I’ve written all about this and teach Mindful Communication. Listening is a huge part of communicating mindfully.
  4. Get Into Nature – It’s a profound way to get in alignment with ourselves and our souls. It’s an amazing way to self reflect and allow the cosmos and the frequency of nature to elevate your awareness and allow you to enter a deeper state of consciousness. After are all – even though we are being forced to isolate – we still are all one cosmic consciousness. The benefits of nature are enormous.
  5. Go Deeper In Life – What does this entail? This means becoming a seeker. Being an existentialist. Wanting to understand life on a deeper level. Ask the hard questions? Find out why you are here? What is your purpose? Begin to understand life in a more philosophical way. Always be stretching and growing and pushing yourself to evolve. Learn from the great sages and gurus before us. Some of my favorites to learn from are Thich Nhat Hanh, Dalai Lama, Buddha, Gary Zoukav, Jon Kabat Zinn and this list goes on and on, but just a few for reference.

This is what doing the soul work looks like and it is truly a transformative process. It will change your life. You will begin to feel more at peace and more relaxed with the meditation. You will feel more aligned and centered by being in nature. And by going deeper with loved ones you will become to feel a sense of transformation and deepening of bonds. It truly is magical and a really incredible way to tap into and hold joy in your life.