She runs the site As Tagarelas, a business inspired by her love of fashion, health and beauty. She’s also an example of someone who follows her passion, something that is sure to be an inspiration in a time when the internet has opened up so many doors for people to live their dream.

George Sits Down with Domenique Heidy

Hi everyone! My name is Domenique Heidy. I’m a Doctor and Digital Influencer from Portugal; currently based in London. Although I made the move to the United Kingdom a few years ago, I regularly travel to Dubai and other major cities around the world for work.

I’m an avid traveler, so I like to hop on a plane whenever I can. Not many people realize it but I’m actually a nervous flyer – I keep myself distracted by working; some of my best ideas have come whilst I was sitting on an airplane!

I have had cameras in my hands since when I was 14 years old, when I discovered for the first time the power and the huge world of photography. Since then it’s been a continuous journey trying, experimenting, discovering etc etc.

My fashion background has helped me enormously in my as I think I understand how garments should look in the final image and how best to “sell” them. I specialised in Fashion; Advertising and Portraiture and am exploring more fine art print sales with my personal work.

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The art of photography can mean a lot of different things but no matter what it means to you, the fact is that what we know as photography is the product of an endless journey of experimentation from artists all over the world.

I try to create images with a perceived narrative that leaves more questions than answers. I think this emotionally engages the viewer a bit more than straight forward fashion shots (although I do do these too).

Using the EarPods is the perfect trick for me to be unnoticed by people, while the world is moving around me. I always listen to good and inspiring music, trying to capture the decisive moment.

Being in another state of mind when I’m in a photoshoot… I always requires music, “as I said”, as well as a little and quick snack when you have a “hunger attack” and water of course. If I’m not inspired or the light is not as I was expecting, I take a break, I sit down, I read my actual book, I eat a few peanuts and once everything works again, I’m ready to be shoot and to chase.

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If one were to believe in fate, Domenique Heidy would be a textbook case of it. In retrospect, everything seemed to happen the way it was supposed to. The ‘weirdness’ manifested into the need for a creative outlet.

I like to bring a setup for shoots. It’s important for me to move fast and think fast and keep it simple. And too much gear, especially lights and reflectors, can be a little daunting and can kill the spontaneity. People freeze up but I am unpredictable and I love that.

I’m inspired by the beauty of a woman. I guess what I define as beautiful in a person is what makes them unique. Maybe it stems back from when I was younger, and people were mean to me about the way that I looked or the way I dressed. I was bullied, because I was different. Maybe I’m showing that there can be a lot of different types of beautiful.

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