“A life lived in fear… is a life half-lived.” -Baz Luhrmann

When you feel like doing nothing else but quitting, it’s easy to give up on the hope that things will improve.

It’s easy to wish things were better, and that we’d be living our dreams right now.

And it’s really easy to forsake our dreams. Much easier than following them.

But they deserve better than that.

When you look down the tunnel of your life, what do you see? Most of what I see is a life lived in fear masked in the face of inaction.

The point in life is this: to find your own happiness and success, to not hold anything back, and most importantly live a life true to yourself. No regrets are better than some regrets, because having regrets implies that you deeply care about whatever you didn’t do.

The best way to minimize your regrets and really live life is to follow your dreams. There really is no other way.

It’s easy to be scared of the future.

Too easy, really. It’s scary how easy it can be…

What’s hard is to actualize this moment we have right now whenever we can today; what’s difficult is to follow through on our heart’s desires and take a true step towards doing the things we love.

And what’s almost impossible is to live a life of some regrets, agonizing over the things we didn’t do, while we still have time to make things right.

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